What Oil Stocks Are Considered Good To Buy Right Now?

Oil Stocks

Finding oil stocks to buy is not difficult, and predictions for oil prices during the next year say that this commodity will go up again as the demand increases. Increases in demand are predicted due to emerging markets and the improvement of the American economy. Many oil stocks are considered to be a good buy right now, before the price of oil goes up again. One good pick for many traders is Whiting Petroleum, symbol WLL. This company has a current stock price that has stayed steady and stable lately, and at $45.61 is far below the record high of $75.91 for this stock.

Another of the good oil stocks to buy right now according to many experts is Northern Oil And Gas, Inc. trading symbol NOG. This stock is trading right in the middle of the recorded range so there is plenty of room for the stock to go up if the 2012 predictions are right. A lot of experts advise buying oil stocks when the price dips, because quality stocks will rebound. Another top pick is Valero Energy Corporation, trading symbol VLO. This company refines oil and is considered a solid choice as long as the stock price has dipped. Right now the share price $20.99 and the stock has a book value per share of $29.81, making it one of the undervalued stocks right now. This stock offered an annual dividend of $0.60. Many investors believe this is a stock which has great long term potential and one that will continue to go up in price.

There are many choices when it comes to oil stocks to buy, and one of the top picks by experienced investors and advisers is Total SA, trading symbol TOT. This company is a large integrated company based in France that has global operations around the world. Total SA specializes in oil exploration, oil refining, and service stations in many countries. Some investors may shy away because of the country of origin but others will see the value of this company regardless of where the company is located. Right now Total SA has a current share price of $49.62, with a range between $40.00 and $64.44.

When considering oil stocks to buy there are two companies which may seem like poor choices at first but that may actually be a good pick right now. These are British Petroleum PLC., trading symbol BP, and Transocean, trading symbol RIG. After the Gulf spill both of these oil companies received a significant amount of negative publicity and ill will but that has started to turn around. The stock in both British Petroleum and Transocean have seen price increases and the public image of these companies have rebounded some. These stocks are still low when compared to their relative value, and are predicted to continue to increase through the next year. Marathon Oil Company, trading symbol MRO, is another popular choice with investors for oils stocks that should be purchased right now because of the value that is offered for the price you will pay per share.