Vanguard Gold Fund 2011 Performance Review

Vanguard Gold Fund

How is the performance for the Vanguard gold fund 2011 so far? This is one of the funds included in the top Vanguard mutual funds list, and it is a popular choice for investors who want exposure to precious metals and mining companies. While almost all stocks and funds have seen a decline in some degree due to the economic uncertainty over the last few years some are still considered a top choice, even if the performance is down. The Vanguard gold fund has a current year to date return of -1.03%, and the yield is positive at 4.30%.

This is one of the best precious metals mutual funds for some investors, and the performance has been up and down since the beginning of the year. The fund price during October 2011 shows that the fund price increased during the first half of the month. The Vanguard gold fund includes numerous mining companies and precious metals options, and while metals have a strong showing on the stock market this fund should perform decently. Vanguard is one of the trusted mutual fund companies, because of the history and reputation that this company has built up through the years. This fund offering has holdings in some of the top names in the mining and precious metals market.

The Vanguard funds performance of Vanguard Precious Metals and Mining Inv, symbol VGPMX, in 2011 has not been excellent, as seen by the year to date return and the historical price charts. This does not mean that investors should start moving capital to other funds instead though, because many funds that involve precious metals have also seen many ups and downs. The Vanguard gold fund is normally considered a stable and top investment choice for most investors. For many the precious metals market can offer security, and a hedge against a falling dollar or other economic uncertainty. Gold mutual funds are a popular choice when global markets are in turmoil, and the last few years show that these funds can be ideal for some investors even with performance problems at times.