Vanguard Energy Fund VGENX Review

Vanguard Energy Fund

The Vanguard energy fund is offered by the Vanguard fund family, and this is a name that is known and trusted in the investment world. This is considered an equity energy fund, and it is one of the top choices on the Vanguard mutual funds list. More than fourteen billion in assets means that this fund is well established, and it has a five star Morningstar rating, which is the highest rating possible. Many investors choose the Vanguard energy fund because of the astounding 11.27% year to date return, while others choose the fund because of the top quality and sense of security offered.

The Vanguard gold fund is prestigious, because this fund deals with gold, but energy is not as glamorous or desired. Energy is needed by everyone though, and this sector has seen big increases in the last few years. The Vanguard energy fund requires a minimum investment of three thousand dollars, and it is considered a large blend fund. Started in May of 1984, this fund has the goal of long term capital appreciation. The Vanguard funds performance rating is superior, and this is a fund that many investors recommend. The expense ratio of the energy fund is only point three four percent, much lower than the average for funds in this sector.

Over the last twenty six years the Vanguard energy fund has seen many more years of excellent performance when compared to the few years with a poor performance. The fund was up for twenty out of twenty six years, and in 2005 this fund had a record one year return of more than forty four percent. The Vanguard healthcare fund is another top choice, because both the energy sector and the health care sector are expected to see rapid growth, and this can mean a fantastic opportunity for investors.