Treasury Bonds Rates Today And Historical Value

Treasury Bonds Rates

Treasury bonds rates today are at the lower end of the spectrum when compared to the historical value of these notes. The rate for a 30 year treasury bond as of 10/07/2011 is 3.02 %, and this rate decreases with the term of the bond. For a 20 year bond the government bonds interest rate is 2.87 %, and a 10 year treasury bond offers 2.10 %. The treasury bonds rates for a 7 year bond right now is only 1.61 %, and a 5 year bond features a rate of only 1.08 %. When compared to the rates given for these bonds in the past the rate today is on the low side.

Government bond funds and individual bond offerings have always been a popular way to invest for many people, because of the low risk that is typically involved. When consumer interest rates are high then these bonds pay a higher rate as well, but when the rate drops for consumers then investor find that
treasury bonds rates also go down. In May of 1990 a 30 year United States savings bonds could have an interest rate that was quite high at around 8.70 % in many cases, and even a 3 month bond had a rate at approximately 8.0 %.

I bonds interest rates are also low rate now, and this is true of almost all government issued bonds because of the poor economy and extremely low consumer interest rate. While the rates offered for treasury bonds are low this is still a relatively safe sector to invest money in. Treasury bonds rates in the past have been much higher, without additional risks, and recent political considerations have shaken the faith of many investors in the US government bond market. Attempts to revitalize the economy by keeping rates low for consumers has had the effect of keeping the interest earned through bonds investing low as well.