Top 10 Wind Energy Stocks

Wind Energy Stocks

Wind has to be one of the most plentiful things in the nature that surrounds us daily – why not put the wind power to good use by investing into alternative energy stocks provided by companies that develop and install wind energy technologies. Wind energy industry has demonstrated impressive growth patterns over the last decade starting at 14,500 MW to almost 90,000 of wind produced MW’s.

Wind energy stocks are considered one of the most promising green stocks along with geothermal and solar energy stocks; the trick is knowing which companies to invest into. When looking at specific wind energy stocks, keep in mind that it does not matter where the wind power plants are installed but who manufactures wind turbines and installs them to begin with.

Below we present Top 10 Wind Energy Stocks list to help get you started with your wind power stocks to research.

1. GE Energy (GE)

2. Vestas (VWS)

3. Siemens (SI)

4. Gamesa (GAM)

5. Mitsubishi Power Systems (MPSA)

6. Suzion Energy (SUZLON)

7. Clipper Windpower (CWP)

8. Nordex (NDXI)

9. Composite Technologies (CPTC)

10. AAER Inc. (AAE)

The main strategy that is wise applying to wind energy stocks investment is to dedicate the majority of your “green” portfolio mostly into larger corporations with more stable yields and a few smaller ones with innovative technologies or applications of wind power. In addition, spice things up by putting some money into some foreign companies along with domestic ones making sure your initial wind energy stocks investment is well diversified.

Now is the best time for green investors to make their bets which alternative energy stocks are going to take off in the near future and which renewable energy technologies will make fossil fuels obsolete. Will it be wind, solar or geothermal power stocks?