Top 10 Undervalued Penny Stocks You Should Not Miss

Undervalued Penny Stocks

1. Gasco Energy Inc (GSX) – If you are looking for undervalued penny stocks, one that may fit this bill is Gasco Energy. This company is in the energy sector, and the stock has seen an increase of more than thirty five percent and is expected to do even better.

2. Advanced Cell Technology (ACTC) – This is one of the biotech penny stocks that shows great potential, and is considered more valuable than the current trading price shows. Many predict that in a year or two this stock will be a major keeper.

3. ACADIA Pharmaceuticals (ACAD) – One of the undervalued penny stocks which is very popular with some investors is ACADIA pharmaceuticals. This company has some promising research being done.

4. Clean Power Concepts (CPOW) – Clean Power Concepts is one of the energy penny stocks that is being closely watched. Investors are just waiting for the right time to come in on this one.

5. Oilsands Quest, Inc. (BQI) – As far as undervalued penny stocks go, Oilsands quest meets this definition according to many traders. While not guaranteed to take off, this stock does show a lot of potential where value is concerned.

6. Medinah Minerals, Inc. (MDMN) – One of the best penny stocks to buy according to many investors is Medinah Minerals. This company is in the exploration and precious metals business, and is predicted for great things.

7. Evergreen Energy, Inc. (EEE) – Evergreen Energy is believed to be seriously undervalued, and is considered a top pick among a number of advisors. This energy company has increased in value recently, and is expected to continue rising in the future.

8. Augme Technologies, Inc. (AUGT) -Augme Technologies is considered one of the undervalued penny stocks by some, for a few different reasons. While the definition of undervalued may vary from one investor to the next, this is definitely a stock to keep your eye on.

9. Sulphco Inc. (SUF) – If day trading penny stocks activity is for you, then one possibility is Sulphco. This stock may fluctuate substantially through the day, and is usually undervalued which means a bette profit from your trades.

10. Radient Pharmaceuticals Corporation (RPC) – Radient is one of the undervalued penny stocks which has had a recent rally, but the stock price is still lower than it should be according to many who have reviewed this choice.