Top 10 Tax-Exempt Municipal Bonds

Tax Exempt Municipal Bonds

1. Austin Tex CTFS Oblig- One of the best tax exempt municipal bonds is offered by the municipality of Austin, Texas. This muni is rated AAA by Fitch, and the current yield is 4.739%.

2. Massachusetts Bay Transn Auth Rev Bds- This bond is viewed as one of the best Massachusetts municipal bonds for investors who want a tax exempt bond in this state.

3. Pepper Pike Ohio G.O Bds-This is one of the top tax free municipal bonds, an is a popular choice for many. The bond is rated by Fitch as AAA, and it has a yield of slightly more than 3.77%.

4. Louisiana Pub Facs Auth Rev Rev Bds- One of the best tax exempt municipal bonds is this choice from Louisiana. This investment choice is tax exempt, insured, and rated AAA.

5. Texas ST Dept Hsg & Cmnty Affa Rev Bds- Many individuals investing in municipal bonds for tax exempt benefits choose this bond from Texas, which offers a yield of around 3.72%.

6. Schertz-Cibolo-Unvl City Tex I G O Ref Bds- This Texas muni is offering 4.66% as the current yield, and the bond has a AAA rating from Fitch. These are only two of the reasons why investors choose this bond.

7. Minnesota Pub Facs Auth Drinki Drinking Wtr Rev Bd- This is one of the tax exempt municipal bonds offered in Minnesota, and the rating of AAA and yield of 3.61% make it a top 10.

8. NYC Transitional Finance Authority Rev Bds- This is one of the David Lerner associates bonds offered, and it is a top choice for a large number of investors who are looking for tax benefits and exemptions.

9. Massachusetts St Health & EDL Rev Bds- With municipal bond prices around 107.73 and a yield of 5.38% it is no secret why this bond usually makes the top ten list.

10. North Carolina St Hwy Bds- One of the top tax exempt municipal bonds, this North Carolina offering has the highest possible rating from Fitch.