Top 10 Solar Energy Stocks

Solar Energy Stocks

Solar energy stocks have not been showing great promises lately causing big investor discouragement similarly with other renewable energy stocks. Recent economic downturn resulted in overall reduction in conventional energy consumption inevitably lowering the natural demand for alternative energy technologies like solar or wind energy stocks.

However, since solar energy stocks are so cheap, now might be the best time to invest into them. You definitely will not get any spectacular short term gains but solar energy stocks are definitely promising in the future. Many stock analysts feel that solar stocks are the number one green stocks to invest in due to amazing renewable power of the sun heat that is easy to accumulate and power many household appliances.

Many renewable energy mutual funds deal with companies who manufacture and install photovoltaic cells, capsules that hold the cells together and equipment that coverts solar energy into electricity. Investing into renewable energy mutual funds allows novice investors to diversify their investment risks and give them confidence to start buying individual solar energy stocks in the future.

Listed below in no particular order you will find top ten solar energy stocks list of companies worth looking into according to major stock analysts.

1. JA Solar (JASO) – The 2005 born JA Solar is one of the solar energy stocks to watch. JA Solar is a colossus in the world of solar products specializing in some of the most profound alteration of sunlight to electricity known to man spanning all industries. Their stellar and exceptional craftsmanship has catapulted them into a powerhouse leader internationally. JA Solar’s approach is intent on producing high quality product emphasizing a matchless effort to an eco-friendly planet and teamwork with investors and themselves. JA Solar trades on the NASDAQ as JASO, with a 6,560,786 volume and a trading price of $2.20 a share. Investors will be guaranteed a clean-environment stock with JA Solar. Let the sunlight in with JA Solar, an investor’s solar power dream.

2. Evergreen Solar (ESLR) – Evergreen Solar Inc. offers simplicity with its solar management. Producing String Ribbon wafers which initiate from the innate science of surface tension, Evergreen Solar knowledge and skill is striking and unparalleled. Evergreen’s string ribbon wafers resemble how a soap bubble is created. Stakeholders holding the solar energy stocks of Evergreen Solar Inc. will high power their portfolio with a captivating company providing products that provide dependable and environmentally clean electric power for residential and commercial applications worldwide. With the ticker ESLR, and a volume of 210,603, Evergreen Solar Inc. will create a noteworthy add to any investing portfolio garnering attention from an environmentally friendly vision. Investors in Evergreen Solar will know the value of keeping this brilliantly executed stock in their portfolio with a customer service dedicated to keep you informed of the ever-expanding solar industry.

3. First Solar, Inc. (FSLR) – Investors are poised to own a piece of an exceptional company with First Solar Inc. First Solar Inc. is an established manufacturer and producer in the world of solar products, making them one of the world’s leading renewable energy enthusiasts. Environmentally and economically friendly, investors will create a viable portfolio with First Solar Inc.’s solar energy stocks in the peaking fossil-fuel electricity production setting a standard for generations that invest in the ever-expanding and conscientious management company going forward. First Solar Inc.’s technique has an spellbinding approach introducing the industry’s first prefunded, all-inclusive collection and recycling program for solar modules and focusing on building value-driven renewable energy solutions that protect, augment and captivate investors and the environmental landscape with a trading price of $70.24 on the NASDAQ.

4. Trina Solar (TSL) – One of the first in solar power vertical integration, Trina Solar has built its reputation on top-notch quality, high powered durability and ground-breaking techniques. Creating, developing and selling its products that include the Utility scale solar module, the Quadmax Solution and the Honey Module internationally, the company’s solar energy stocks are a guaranteed hit in any investing portfolio for their superlative excellence and customer committed dynamism. Consumers can peruse the website and find their solar product by business need, mounting or panel type. Trina Solar publicly trades on the New York Stock Exchange at $7.69, with a market cap of $516.10 million. Since its beginning in China in 1997, Trina Solar has taken the solar industry by storm with its price earnings ratio of 1.57, average volume of 3,642,180 and earnings per share of 4.08.

5. Sun Tech Power (STP) – SunTech Power is a faithful leader in cleverly crafted solar power production. SunTech Power’s product lines are superbly created and excellent for the economical consumer and environmentally conscious customer. Since 2001, SunTech Power has expanded its production lines to 13 different countries and sells its products in over 80. Investors will find with this bundle of solar energy stocks that several important products light up their portfolio like developing thin-film silicon solar cell technologies, extending lifetimes of module, and improving module performance for a brighter, cleaner and eco-friendly tomorrow. Trading on the New York Stock Exchange as STP, Sun Tech Power, has performed gracefully with its cost-efficiency and 4,786,580 volume. For $2.64, investors can purchase shares of this stock of fiscal innovation.

6. SolarFun Power (SOLF) – Solarfun Power, also known as Hanwha SolarOne is a global first class renewable energy company listed on NASDAQ as HSOL. SolarFun Power is one of the most invigorating stocks one can own to diversify their portfolio. SolarFunPower is matchless its method in developing solar products. Solarfun Power frequently consults with colleges, institutes and universities worldwide regarding new solar energy progressions. With black diamond, BIPV, and greenhouse module production and state of the art solar cells, investors in Solarfun Power will necessitate the move towards a worldwide environmental friendly economy and undertaking. Currently trading at a price of $2.66, with a 722,000 volume, Solarfun Power stretches the spectrum as a leader in innovative and exceptional projects and rockets the solar energy stocks industry to unseen and unheard of dimensions.

7. STR Holdings Inc. (STRI:US) – STR Holdings Inc. is the solar industry master that supplies consumers with products and services that are both rewarding and satisfying. Created in 1944, STR Holdings has become of the best known solar energy producers amongst investors seeking to add one of the most diversifying solar energy stocks to their portfolio. Trading on the New York Stock Exchange at $8.50 a share with a 52-week high of $28.16 and under the ticker, STRI, STR Holdings Inc. is the driving pioneer behind solar energy dreams becoming a surefire reality. STR Holdings Inc.’s market cap is $352,886,000, with outstanding shares reaching 41,516,000. Welcome your next portfolio with shares of this solar panel brainchild dedicated to a firm foundation across the energy spectrum and prism of engineered compounds and plastics.

8. Yingli Green Energy (YGE)

9. Canadian Solar (CSIQ)

10. SunPower Corp. (SPWRA)

The last 3 stocks have been discussed earlier in the article Green Energy Stocks To Watch on our website due to their growing potential on the stock market.

Solar energy stocks are currently inexpensive and present a great investment opportunity window. Focusing on companies with innovative, out of the box technologies and researching their historical data will help you make an educated investment decision.