Top 10 Small Business Credit Cards Without Personal Guarantee

Small Business Credit Cards

1. Gold Delta SkyMiles® Business Credit Card from American Express OPEN- This is considered one of the best small business credit cards, and no personal guarantee may be needed but the business must be profitable and meet certain criteria.

2. PEX Visa® Prepaid Card For Business- This card features no interest rate, but it is a prepaid card and not one of the no annual fee credit cards. The PEX Visa® Prepaid Card For Business does not require any personal guarantee, and can help with tracking expenses without any credit risks.

3.The Plum Card® from American Express OPEN- This business card offers many perks, and is widely recognized. A company must have an excellent credit rating to qualify though, and there is an annual fee of $185 after the initial one year term.

4. American Express Clear- This is one of the small business credit cards intended for companies who pay off the card balance each month, and there is a one month grace period and no annual fee feature offered with this card choice.

5. Discover Platinum- This is one of the top zero percent credit cards for business owners, and while the rate is introductory the other benefits offered are not.

6. Amalgamated Bank MasterCard- This is no offshore credit card, and is widely recognized around the world. A low late fee, no interest penalty, and no annual fee makes this card a winner with many small business owners.

7. Ink Cash Business- Cash back, no annual fee, and 0% as an introductory APR rate all combine to make this one of the top small business credit cards attractive for businesses.

8. Pulaski Bank Visa Classic- This credit card is named one of the top 10 credit cards for low rates, but business owners should be aware that there are strict credit requirements in place for any company that applies.

9. Bank of America® Platinum Visa® Business Credit Card- This is one of the large and small business credit cards that is very popular with business owners and executives. There are many perks, and even a sole proprietorship may qualify.

10. Small Business Micro Loan Visa® Card- Instead of credit loans this card can be very beneficial to business owners and employees. Even businesses with poor or fair credit may qualify for this card in many cases.