Top 10 Reverse Mortgage Lenders

Reverse Mortgage Lenders

1. Wells Fargo Bank – Wells Fargo was considered the number one lender and also offers reverse mortgage requirements that are clear and easy to meet in most cases. This bank provided more than hundred and fifty thousand reverse mortgages as of 2015.

2. Bank of America – Bank of America is one of the top reverse mortgage lenders as well. Almost thirty thousand of these mortgages were completed by 2015 with this lender, making it one of the leaders in this sector.

3. Genworth Financial – Genworth offers few reverse mortgage disadvantages and plenty of benefits, and this lender was responsible for more than one thousand reverse mortgages in the last twelve month period.

4. American Advisors Group – As one of the best reverse mortgage lenders AAG is still in the top ten because of the volume. This funding group provided several thousands of these mortgages in the last year.

5. MetLife Bank – MetLife Bank is one of the best known reverse mortgage lenders, and this company is a top presence in this sector. This lender helped over twenty thousand people to obtain this type of mortgage back by thef end of 2015.

6. Generation Mortgage Company – Generation is not only a top ten reverse home mortgage lender, this company falls in the top five and provided more than thirteen hundred of these mortgages last year alone.

7. Financial Freedom Acquisitions – While Financial Freedom Acquisitions may not be the number one lender in this area it definitely reaches the top ten. Over fifty thousand of these mortgages were completed by 2016 by this lender.

8. One Reverse Mortgage LLC – Out of all the reverse mortgage lenders, One Reverse Mortgage has been ranked number four, and the lender has made more than twenty thousand of these loans available in the last year.

9. Finance of America Reverse LLC – With the mortgage rate predictions uncertain, many individuals have chosen Finance of America Reverse (previously known as Urban Financial) for their reverse mortgage needs. This lender has helped almost ten thousand people unlock the equity in their home back by 2016.

10. Home Point Financial Corp – One of the smaller reverse mortgage lenders active in that arena last year is Home Point Financial. They have a variety lending programs for any financial situation that makes them in the top ten list.