Top 10 Reasons To Consider The Landlord Protection Agency

Landlord Protection Agency

1. Free Forms for Landlords- The landlord protection agency offers all of the forms that a landlord could possibly require, and they are available free of charge to members. These forms are easy to use and understand, and are intended to offer protection.

2. Free Legal Advice for Landlords- Free legal advice is available on almost every subject, from a landlord insurance policy to the best way to screen tenants or run a credit or background check. This also covers discrimination and other legal topics that may concern landlords.

3. Forms Can Be Downloaded Instantly- Any needed forms can be downloaded instantly, so there is no cost or long delay. You simply chose the forms you need and within minutes they are accessible on your system.

4. Access to Information and Articles- The landlord protection agency offers articles and information to help landlords and tenants both. There is a wide range of topics covered, and these articles can be a valuable resource.

5. Professional Advice and Assistance- Members have access to professional advice and assistance on many subjects, from completing a landlord lease agreement to security deposits and other situations.

6. Free Property Management Software Program- Whether you have a land purchase agreement, own ten rental units, or have numerous large apartment buildings the free property management software program offered can be very beneficial, and help you track all of your rentals.

7. A Question and Answer Forum For Landlords- The Q & A forum of the landlord protection agency offers common questions and answers that many landlords have faced.

8. Tips For New Landlords- Tips concerning rental agreement forms, evicting bad tenants, and numerous other matters are offered by landlords with experience in these areas.

9. Credit Reports And Tenant Screening- Members of the landlord protection agency receive discounts on credit checks and other tenant screening tools, so the savings can be substantial.

10. Free Online Advertising- Free online advertising can help increase your profit from real estate investing, and ensure that your properties are rented out faster.