Top 10 Places to Buy Penny Stock Online

Buy Penny Stock Online

Have you been anxious to get you feet wet with penny stock investing and wondering where to buy penny stock online? While you might have heard that it’s easy to make money on small cap stocks and that hot penny stock picks are out there, do not get too excited that you pick the first place to buy penny stock online. By doing so you might be putting yourself at risk for dealing with fraudulent places to buy penny stock online, so do your homework, check out a number of penny stock market blogs and forums, and read our article below.

1. E*Trade is by far the best and most secure online resource for best penny stocks to buy.

2. Scotttrade is another reliable and well-known place to buy penny stock online that takes extra steps to ensure clients’ satisfaction.

3. Zecco is not a particularly known place where you can buy penny stock online, however, excellent customer service combined with low transaction fees are sure to leave you satisfied.

4. Fidelity is a highly reputable online resource for buying penny stocks; however, you are required to have a balance of at least $2,500 to start trading stocks. Unsurpassed customer services multiplied by amazing stock research options make Fidelity a strong stock broker.

5. Lowtrades is definitely the place to buy penny stock online if you are a relatively high volume stock investor and carry out around 401 trades in a given month. If you are going to trade less, the transaction costs are going to eat up a considerable portion of your yields.

6. Choice Trade is a better fit for an average low activity investor with a straightforward fee of $5.00 per transaction and with no recurring fees.

7. Interactive Brokers are definitely worth checking out, just make sure you trade no less than a hundred stocks per transaction to get into a lower fee bracket of $0.005 per share which is really nice.

8. Ameritrade is one of the deep discount online brokers to stock up on your penny stocks, however, you do need to have at least $2,000 to get started trading with them.

9. SogoTrade is a relatively good choice when it comes to buying penny stocks online. In addition, it has a much lower starting point of $500 and no annual fees.

10. Trading Direct is the last but not least of places to buy penny stock online due its competitive rates among the rest of online brokers.

The penny stock market is extremely volatile due to stock prices ability to fall and rise several times throughout the day. Have your penny stock broker on speed dial and watch stock prices multiple times in one day to put penny stock market volatility to work for you.