Top 10 Oil ETFs

Oil ETFs

1. iShares Dow Jones US Oil & Gas Ex Index ETF, Symbol IEO- This is one of the top ten oil ETFs according to many financial and investment experts. The large blend goal of this ETF fits well with most investment goals.

2. PowerShares Dynamic Energy Exploration & Production, Symbol PXE- This is a medium value fund that follows oil stock prices and market movements, and it is frequently named as one of the best.

3. SPDR S&P Oil & Gas Exploration & Production ETF, Symbol XOP- This is considered one of the top ten ETFs for oil. Close to half a billion in net assets and a yield of 1.18% make this fund a top choice.

4. iShares Dow Jones US Oil Equipment ETF, Symbol IEZ- This is one of the top rated medium blend oil ETFs, and an attractive choice for a number of investors.

5. Oil Services HOLDRs, Symbol OIH- This fund has holdings in some of the best oil stocks to buy, and is considered one of the best possibilities for ETFS in oil as well as the energy sector.

6. PowerShares Dynamic Oil & Gas Services, Symbol PXJ- PowerShares offers some of the best available energy mutual funds, and this ETF is highly regarded by investors and experts alike

7. SPDR S&P Oil & Gas Equipment & Services, Symbol XES- This fund is listed as one of the top oil ETFs on the market. The S&P Index for this sector is the benchmark used for the fund.

8. Energy Select SPDR ETF, Symbol XLE- One of the best oil and natural gas mutual funds is Energy Select. Investors and experts agree that this ETF is a smart choice for most people, although it is not ideal for everyone.

9. Vanguard Energy ETF, Symbol VDE- One of the top choices for oil ETFs among experienced investors is the Vanguard Energy ETF. This is a highly rated large value fund, and is attractive to a wide range of investors.

10. iShares S&P Global Energy ETF, Symbol IXC- iShares is one of the mutual fund companies that is preferred by numerous investors, and this oil ETF has a proven history and excellent rating.