Top 10 New Stocks To Invest In

New Stocks To Invest In

1. Invensense, Inc.-symbol INVN- This is one of the new stocks to invest in according to a number of investors and financial experts. This company specializes in semiconductors, and is expected to do good things.

2. WageWorks, Inc.-symbol WAGE- This is considered one of the cheap stocks to invest in right now, but this may not always be the case. The company deals in the creation and implementation of spending solutions that are consumer directed.

3. C&J Energy Services, Inc.-symbol CJES- Energy is the objective of this company, and the energy sector has seen improvements lately. This is one of the newest stocks to watch according to many.

4. Teavana Holdings, Inc.-symbol TEA- Teavana is one of the new stocks to invest in for several financial advisors and experts. More people are consuming tea for the health benefits, and this company supplies many varieties as well as accessories.

5. Union Agriculture Group Corp.-symbol UAGR- If you want hot stock picks in agriculture then this stock may fit the bill.

6 Wesco Aircraft Holdings, Inc.-symbol WAIR- Industrial equipment wholesale services are what this company offers, and while it may be new experts predict that this company will be successful, and a good investment.

7. American Midstream Partners, LP-symbol AMID- A growth orientation and the high global energy demand both make American Midstream Partners, LP one of the best new stocks to invest in.

8. Apollo Residential Mortgage, Inc-symbol AMTG- Formed in March of 2011, this company is not one that makes investing in emerging markets a priority. Instead residential mortgage investment services make up the main choice for this company.

9. Oiltanking Partners, L.P.-symbol OILT- This is one of the new stocks to invest in that many experts recommend. Some say that this is a sleeper, and when the stock finally awakens it will be a winner.

10. Stewart & Stevenson Inc.-symbol SNS- This stock lists with the NYSE, and does not follow the Dow Jones stock market.