Top 10 Mutual Fund Companies By Assets

Mutual Fund Companies

Providing a list of best mutual funds is not an easy task as many different factors play important roles for different types of investors. So this particular list consists of top ten mutual funds companies by asset allocation. And the winners are:

1. Fidelity Investments – One of the top mutual fund companies by assets is Fidelity, which has over two hundred billion dollars in assets being managed by the company when all the mutual funds offered are considered. This company has an excellent reputation and is one of the largest where assets are concerned. Fidelity Investments for over 60 years has a proven track record of selling mutual funds to consumers on the road to financial success. From domestic stock funds to international funds, Fidelity Investments offers the investor a world of choice from one of the top leading mutual fund companies. Experience the difference with Fidelity Investments. All Fidelity Funds are no-load presenting a fascinating exhibition of monetary class. The exquisite polish of a Fidelity Investment keeps the guesswork to a minimum, accelerating investors to a monumental portfolio. Each Fidelity investment fund is hand-picked by brilliant individuals whose taste in mutual funds is bold, yet exciting. Each Fidelity mutual fund can be reasonably purchased at a minimum base price of $2500 for a non-retirement account and as low as $200 for a retirement account. You can surely craft your financial future today with Fidelity.

2. Pimco Funds – This fund company has more assets than the Eaton Vance mutual funds, and is one of the largest and most well known around the globe. Pimco is not only one of the top ten but it ranks as one of the top three, and for many investors it is considered the best fund company possible. This fund company has assets that are a little more than one trillion dollars, making it a top contender. An authority in priceless investing strategies, riveting client services and open-ended mutual funds, Pimco Funds has the magic to satisfy your fiscal tomorrows. Pimco Funds add the benefit of daily liquidity with their selection of mutual funds. With such prudent, yet impressive mutual funds as the Pimco Diversified Income or the Global Multi-Asset Fund, any investor will relax in the superior performance of Pimco Funds, one of the world’s leading mutual fund companies. Trading all the way from the United States to Hong Kong, Pimco Funds has a refreshing and glistening mutual fund determination and intensity, marked by superb authenticity.

3. The Vanguard Group – With around one point eight trillion dollars worth of assets it is no wonder that this is a mutual fund provider that is extremely popular with investors. The Vanguard Group is one of the biggest fund companies found anywhere, and the name is known and respected in the investment world. When you are on the monetary voyage to financial bliss, it is important to invest wisely knowing that your money will be working for you instead of against you. The Vanguard Group promises just that with a line of mutual funds that bring profits to you in swift, yet long-term action. Develop your portfolio by investing into the royal Wellington mutual fund or the head of the market Windsor fund. The ingenious, remarkable and easy approach is what makes Vanguard, the first-class leader in meeting consumer needs of the mutual fund companies. Vanguard Group’s line of investment options is far-reaching with a guiding principle of commitment that you are the owner of your mutual funds and are in the driver seat of your financial future.

4. JP Morgan – This is one of the top mutual fund companies according to assets managed and performance both. More than one point three trillion dollars in assets are managed by JP Morgan, and it is a company that investors know and trust. The leader in premier securities, JP Morgan, seeks to optimize efficiency, reduce risk and awaken the financial guru within. With an array of mutual fund selections, an investor in JP Morgan will be guided towards a promising pecuniary future. Combining asset analysis with a suite of mutual funds, JP Morgan totes the promotion of growth and relentless asset safekeeping within the industry. Their proven track record of success as one of the world’s largest mutual fund companies, speaks for itself. Open the doorway to JP Morgan’s style of ensuring your mutual funds are providing you a whirlwind of profit, an established name and unmatched organization in the global marketplace. Come see why JP Morgan has received some of the most moving awards of any financial asset management company.

5. American Funds – While Goldman Sachs mutual funds are considered a great choice they do not have assets that compare to those offered by American Funds. American Funds is one of the oldest mutual fund companies, providing sound advice, investment strategy for long term success and unbelievable value. With more than $900 billion in investments and over 50 million shareholder accounts, liven up your mutual fund assets with American Funds such as the Income Fund of America, whose sole endeavor is to provide current income while secondarily striving for capital growth; the New Perspective Fund, whose distinguishing characteristics are blue chip companies in the United States and abroad, emphasizing multinational trade patterns or the Growth Fund of America, which has an objective of investing at least 65% of its assets in common stocks. American Funds has a world renowned quality of valuing its investors, and improving the financial outlook of any investor.

6. Black Rock – With close to three point six five trillion in assets there is no denying that Black Rock is one of the top ten companies where mutual funds are concerned. A mutual fund enterprise, Black Rock offers a sound, yet invigorating approach to your portfolio. Separating their investment options by asset classes, in Black Rock, you will find a fund-specific approach to smart investing. Black Rock promises to keep risk to a minimum by providing striking insight to the mutual fund companies’ world. Discover the difference with Black Rock as you peruse through their products ranging from closed end funds to the college 529 plans that cement the building blocks of a strong college savings plan with consistent investing and a winning combination of mutual funds that make dreams a reality. Black Rock’s approach is to begin small and finish big knowing the power of their diversified mutual funds and commanding financial advice.

7. Dreyfus – With more than four hundred billion in managed assets this is one of the top mutual fund companies. Dreyfus is one of the nation’s leading financial management organizations with a plethora of investment products and strategies, backed by the strength and resources of BNY Mellon. Providing access to equity, fixed income and money market mutual funds, retirement and cash management strategies and asset allocation solutions, Dreyfus is a financial investor’s smorgasbord. The spirited distribution arm of BNY Mellon Asset Management, Dreyfus’ approach is certain with proven success in the financial waters of mutual fund companies. You will know by investing in Dreyfus mutual funds that you will get consistency, exceptional performance and widespread diversification that provide capital gains of significant magnitude. Satisfy your fiscal perchance with a separately managed account, designed to help you reach for the financial stars by merging the benefits of proficient money management with the added power of owning individual securities.

8. Oppenheimer – Oppenheimer mutual funds have more than two hundred and fifty billion dollars in assets that they manage, placing them in the top ten for mutual fund asset size. This company is especially well known for the bond funds offered, and is a popular choice with investors of all types. Oppenheimer Funds are the right way to invest. A powerhouse of lucrative investment plans and strategies, Oppenheimer Funds perform and outperform expectations. One of the award winning mutual fund companies, Oppenheimer Funds’ is unequaled in its first-rate customer service. Each mutual fund within Oppenheimer is carefully managed and monitored to make certain that your portfolio achieves value enormity of epic proportions and that investment excellence over the long term and across the range of mutual funds offered is the number one priority. From the Quest Opportunity Value Fund that has $1.4 billion in assets to the Champion Income Fund, which lends itself to high yield fixed investments; Oppenheimer Funds will financially stretch and grow your portfolio. Oppenheimer Funds are the precedent setters of mutual fund companies.

9. Franklin Templeton Investments – This is one of the largest mutual fund companies, and the assets managed are worth more than six hundred and eighty billion dollars. With this type of clout it is easy to see why Franklin Templeton Investments is one of the top ten. Franklin Templeton Investments are the global managers of incomparable, focused expertise across asset classes and sophisticated investment styles, supported by a single global platform providing investors the opportunity for true diversification, and as Franklin Templeton Investments notes, “the expertise of many with the strength of one.” With a rich 60 year history, Franklin Templeton Investments is the mutual fund company of mutual fund companies managing investments for individuals, institutions, pension plans, trusts, partnerships and other clients globally. A portfolio with a Franklin Templeton Investment adds gravity to it and depth more than any other mutual fund company. Whether the mutual fund is from the impressive hybrid category or the staple blend grouping, you will find Franklin Templeton unprecedented in their approach to mutual fund performance.

10. Invesco – Invesco mutual funds manage almost six hundred billion dollars in assets, making it one of the bigger companies to choose from. Invesco offers several funds, and one of them is right for almost every type of investor. The sheer size of the assets managed make this a good choice if total assets are the criteria you are looking for, and it is ideal for numerous other reasons as well. With a commitment to excellence, investment capabilities financial organizations only dream of and a strong organization structure, Invesco Funds transcends what other mutual fund companies do. With superior dedication to investors, Invesco Funds supports a superfluity of share classes within a riveting mutual fund arrangement. Diversify your portfolio with one of their taxable fixed-income funds, add edge with a target-risk mutual fund or find international treasure in their global equity funds. Whatever your mutual fund potion, Invesco Funds promises short and long term financial security backed by a winning reputation as a disciplined, ethical and trustworthy provider of investment services that is essential to their purpose of helping investors worldwide build superior financial security with high quality results and putting them first in everything they do.