Top 10 Mortgage Insurance Companies

Mortgage Insurance Companies

1. Triad Guaranty Insurance Company- One of the top mortgage insurance companies is the Triad Guaranty Insurance Company, and for excellent reasons. This company offers private mortgage insurance and has a reputation for service and integrity.

2. GE Capital Mortgage Insurance- GE offers mortgage life insurance, disability, PMI, and many other types. This company allows you to meet all of your insurance needs for your mortgage, and writes numerous policies each year to protect homeowners against many events and eventualities.

3. The Radian Group- The Radian Group offers private mortgage insurance policies, which are normally required by a lender if your down payment is less than twenty percent of the value of the home.

4. PMI Mortgage Insurance Company- As one of the top mortgage insurance companies PMI has offered hundreds of thousands of policies across the USA, and this is considered one of the top companies in the country for mortgage insurance.

5. CMG Mortgage Insurance Company- This company does not offer mortgage disability insurance, only PMI which is affected by your down payment. CMG is still considered one of the top companies in the mortgage insurance market, and they have helped thousands realize the dream of home ownership.

6. Genworth Financial- Gemworth is one of the top companies for insurance and other financial products, and the company has been in business for years. Billions of dollars in insurance products have been handled by this company.

7. MGIC Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corporation- MGIC is one of the top mortgage insurance companies for many reasons, and one is the sheer volume of policies which are underwritten by the company.

8. United Guaranty Insurance Company- United offers mortgage insurance, not to be confused with mortgage protection insurance, and in this field the company stands out above many others. With almost half a century in the insurance business the company is definitely a top ten.

9. Republic Mortgage Insurance Company- Republic is one of the mortgage insurance companies
that only offer private mortgage insurance, and they have helped many homeowners who would not be able to purchase a home otherwise because of a lack of down payment in the required amount.

10. Investors Mortgage Insurance Company- This company does not offer unemployment mortgage insurance or policies that cover disability. Instead they offers some of the best private mortgage insurance policies found anywhere.