Top 10 Large Cap Mutual Funds

Large Cap Mutual Funds

1. Schwab 1000 Index ( SNXFX) – This is one of the large cap mutual funds which offers low fees and a minimum investment amount of only one hundred dollars. Some of the top holdings for this mutual fund include Apple, Microsoft, Exxon, and other well known companies.

2. DGHM All Cap Value Investor (DGHMX) – This fund combines holdings from all cap levels, and is considered a blend of large, medium, and small cap mutual funds combined into one. A five star Morningstar rating and more than seventy eight million dollars in assets make this a good investment for many individuals.

3. Fidelity Exchange (FDLEX) – If you are looking for large cap mutual funds which are blended then this one may be the right choice. This Fidelity fund has been named one of the top ten and has a five star Morningstar rating.

4. JHFunds 2 All Cap Value 1 (JICVX) – If you are looking for top mid cap mutual funds then some of the holdings you want can be found in this fund instead. JHFunds 2 is a blend of holdings from all different cap levels, and there are many mid cap companies listed.

5. Dreyfus Core Equity I (DPERX) – One of the top large cap mutual funds is Dreyfus Core Equity I, and there are a few reasons for this pick. Morningstar gives the fund five stars, and the performance of the fund recently has been very promising.

6. Boston Trust Equity (BTEFX) – One of the aggressive growth mutual funds, Boston Trust Equity is one fund that has seen the holdings value increase significantly. It has a five star rating and has more than doubled in value since the fund low point early in 2009.

7. T. Rowe Price New America Growth (PRWAX) – This mutual fund is a large cap growth fund that has a lot to offer most investors. The fund is highly rated, and makes many of the top ten lists for large cap choices.

8. Parnassus Workplace (PARWX) – This is rated one of the top large cap mutual funds because of the five star rating, a yield that is currently a little less than two and a half percent, and a proven history of performance.

9. Calvert Social Investment Equity I (CEYIX) – Calvert offers one of the socially responsible mutual funds. This fund has seen a decent performance, and is highly rated by the experts as a top ten pick.

10. Vanguard Prime Cap Core Investor (VPCCX) – This is one of the large cap mutual funds which offers five billion dollars or more in assets, and no load fees. These are just two of the reasons that this fund is listed in the top ten.