Top 10 Government Bond Yields By Country

Government Bond Yields

1. Greece- One of the top government bond yields by country belongs to Greece, and the yield offered is 23.53. This is a significant increase over the last few weeks, caused by the economic troubles this country is facing.

2. India- India offers one of the best government bond funds where yield is concerned. A yield of 8.58 is significantly higher than the one offered by many countries, but there are also higher risks involved as well.

3. Pakistan- The government bond yields in Pakistan are a high 12.65, and it encourages investors to choose these bonds. The unstable political situation and fighting that is going on in this country may make this bond a poor choice for many investors though.

4. Portugal- Understanding how do government bonds work shows the relation between risk and yield. Portugal bonds offer 11.25, which is quite high when compared to numerous other countries.

5. South Africa- The government bond yields offered by South Africa are currently 8.20. This makes them attractive to investors who are willing to take higher than average risks.

6. Peru- The government bonds interest rate offered by Peru is 6.76, making this country one of the top ten as far as bond yields are concerned.

7. Ireland- Ireland government bond yields are at 7.73 right now, which is quite high when the yield from other countries is considered. The political climate in this country is somewhat stable, so these bonds are a top choice for numerous investors.

8. Hungary- Hungary bonds have a much higher yield than German government bonds. Hungary bonds offer a yield of 7.97, while those from Germany only offer 2.00.

9. Mexico- Bonds investing in Mexico can offer a yield of 6.52, and this is better than the yield many other countries offer. This is why Mexico is considered one of the top countries for bond yields.

10. Indonesia- A yield of 6.87 make Indonesia an attractive country for investors, as long as the acceptable risk level for the investor is high.