Top 10 Gold Stocks 2011

Gold Stocks

1. New Gold-symbol NGD-Exchange: AMEX- New Gold is one of the top gold stocks for 2011. The company has seen significant increases already, and is predicted to continue to succeed.

2. Northgate Minerals-symbol NXG-Exchange: AMEX- Northgate is a leader in gold and silver stocks, and many experts predict that this stock will really take off in the near future. While not ideal for all investors this stock may be the right choice for some.

3. Claude Resources-symbol CGR-Exchange: AMEX- Claude Resources is named as one of the top choices when it comes to stocks in gold. This company has been in operation for over a decade.

4. AuRico Gold-symbol AUQ-Exchange: NYSE- This is one of the gold stocks that many experts are watching, and that some are actually buying as well.

5. Thompson Creek Metals-symbol TC-Exchange: NYSE- This is not one of the ideal uranium stocks, but if gold is the goal then Thompson Creek Metals is a good choice, and a stock that deserves watching.

6. Brigus Gold-symbol BRD-Exchange: AMEX- Brigus Gold is a popular stock right now, and one that is being watched by many investors. Recent expansions and a solid track history make this stock a good choice for many investors.

7. I Am Gold-symbol IAG-Exchange: NYSE- This is one of the top gold stocks for 2011 according to many who know the gold market. The company has net assets worth billions, and recent developments may help this stock take off.

8. Paramount Gold And Silver Corp.-symbol PZG-Exchange: NYSE- Paramount is a popular choice concerning commodity trading broker advice. This stock has recently seen a good performance, and many experts predict that this is a stock that should be used.

9. Chesapeake Gold-symbol CHPGF-Exchange: OTC BB- This is one of the over the counter gold stocks, and unlike most OTC choices this company has a relatively stable history and quite a bit of information available.

10. Primero Mining-symbol MNOCF-Exchange: OTC BB- This is one of the favored gold penny stocks, for more than one reason. There is talk that this stock may move up to be listed on a major exchange, but it has not happened yet.