Top 10 Free Yearly Credit Report Benefits

Free Yearly Credit Report

1. Monitor Your Accounts- A free yearly credit report allows you to monitor your credit report and information, so that any unusual activity is noticed much sooner. This can help prevent identity fraud or large amounts of fraudulent debt that can ruin your credit.

2. Prevent Errors On Your Credit Report- A yearly credit history check will allow you to find any errors, such as an account that was labeled as unpaid when in fact you paid off the balance and closed the account.

3. Easy To Access And Download- You can obtain an online copy of your credit report from all 3 major credit bureaus, so you can be checking out the report within a few minutes. You can also choose to have a copy mailed to you instead, which takes a few days.

4. Maintain A Better Credit Rating- A free yearly credit report will help you achieve and maintain a better credit rating, because you will become more aware of the factors that impact your credit reports and score.

5. Determine How To Build Your Credit History- If you have an insufficient credit history then a yearly look through your credit report can help you determine whether efforts to establish good credit are working.

6. Stop Small Discrepancies Before They Become Big Problems- A free annual credit score request can help you identify any small problems before they become much larger, and have a profound effect on your credit score.

7. Avoid Any Collections Activity For Unknown Debts- Taking advantage of the free yearly credit report available can identify debts that you might not be aware of. If these are identified then you can resolve them without having a negative effect on your credit score.

8. No Costs Involved- Each of the 3 main credit reporting agencies in the USA must provide a free copy of your credit report once each year, and you also have the right to a free copy if you are turned down for credit based on information in your credit report.

9. Find Out Who Is Requesting Your Credit Information-When you view your free yearly credit report there is a section that will tell you who has requested information about you and your credit.

10. Ensure That Your Credit Report Is Up To Date And Accurate- Even a small mistake or outdated entry on your credit report can have an enormous effect on your ability to obtain credit loans or other types of credit.