Top 10 Financial Mutual Funds

Financial Mutual Funds

1. Prudential Financial Svcs A, PFSAX- Finding the best financial mutual funds is crucial to your investment success, so you want a name you can trust. This fund by Prudential has a five star rating, showing it is one of the top ten.

2. Vanguard REIT Index Fund Investor Shares, VGSIX- Vanguard has one of the top REIT mutual funds found anywhere. The initial investment needed is only three thousand dollars, and the fund receives high ratings in many categories.

3. Burnham Financial Industries I, BMFIX- This five star fund is not for everyone because of the very high two million dollar initial investment amount required. If you can afford this amount though, this can be one of the best possible fund choices.

4. JHT Financial Services Trust Ser I, JEFSX- This choice is rated one of the top financial mutual funds because it hs a rating of four stars and no initial investment amount requirement. Capital growth is the aim of the fund, and past returns have been attractive.

5. Aberdeen Global Financial Services Inst, GLFIX- Aberdeen Global Financial Services Inst fund has shown a past performance that is equal to or greater than many energy mutual funds. It is also rated highly by Morningstar and is heavy in the financial sector.

6. BlackRock Inflation Protected Bond Svc, BPRSX- This is one of the funds which offer inflation protection to investors, as well as a competitive return. A four star rating shows that the fund is top quality, but it may not be perfect for all investors.

7. ALPS/Red Rocks Listed Private Equity I , LPEIX- This is one of the financial mutual funds that has a steep investment requirement at one million dollars, but it is also considered one of the best by the experts in the investment sector.

8. FBR Small Cap Financial Investor, FBRSX- Not only is this choice rated the highest possible at five stars, it is also proving to be one of the best performing mutual funds as well. Small value investments are the specialty of this fund, and it should be considered for any investor.

9. Prudential Financial Svcs Z, PFSZX- This is one of the best possible financial mutual funds for a number of reasons. Five stars mark this fund as one of the top rated choices, and a very low initial investment make it very popular.

10. Royce Financial Services Svc, RYFSX- This is not one of the aggressive growth mutual funds< because of the capital appreciation goal, but it is considered a four star choice with exceptional investment potential.