Top 10 Fast Credit Score Repair Tips

Credit Score Repair

1. Pay Down Your Credit Card Balances- One of the best methods of fast credit score repair is to pay down the balance on any credit card accounts that you have.

2. Ensure The Credit Limits Listed Are Correct- Your available credit limits and balances can affect your score. Do a credit history check and look closely at the account limits in place to ensure that these are correct.

3. Avoid Credit Cards That Do Not Make Monthly Reports- If a card issuer will not report your timely payments to the credit bureaus then you should switch to a card which does.

4. Piggyback on a Family Members Credit- One quick way to credit score repair is to lengthen the amount of time that your credit history has been available. Being added to the well established account of a relative can boost your score significantly.

5. Negotiate for Forgiveness from a Creditor- If you have a late payment or two you can try to discuss this with the original creditor. Whether the account involves car loans with bad credit or credit cards this step may cause the creditor to remove the negative information.

6. Dispute Negative Information- If the credit reporting agencies have old accounts you can dispute these, and in many cases the debt can not be verified because of the age and must be removed. This can improve your credit score quickly.

7. Report Any Errors Immediately- If your credit report contains errors then credit score repair may be required. Report any errors immediately, so that they can be corrected and stop weighing down your credit score.

8. Apply for an Installment Loan- Installment loans, like mortgage loans with bad credit and vehicle loans, can improve your credit score when paid on time and are weighed when evaluating your credit history.

9. Get a Secured Credit Card- A secured card can help in your credit score repair efforts, and these cards usually have a very low rate. You secure the credit with a deposit, and after a specified time the deposit is refunded as long as payments are made on time.

10. Take Out A Small Loan – Small credit loans can help you build your credit score back up, and these loans are usually easier to obtain because of the low loan amount and payment terms.