Top 10 Emerging Market Stocks To Watch

Emerging Market Stocks

Are you that risky type of investor who wants to try to bank and capitalize on uncertainty of emerging markets and catch a big fish? If you are, we have something just for you – a list of top 10 emerging market stocks to watch.

1. Tim Participacoes SA (TSU) – Involved in mobile telecommunication services; this is one of the emerging market stocks to watch according to a number of investment and financial experts. Tele Celular Sul Participacoes, headquarted in Rio de Janeiro, sets the standard for ethics and transparency, in accordance with the best corporate governance practices. Tim Participacoes SA is one of the emerging market stocks that has a 5.40% yield to investors, trading between $22.31 and $51.32 on a 52-week range. Tim Participacoes SA stock, since 2004, has issued annual reports detailing its impressive surfacing in the marketplace. Tim Participacoes SA’s aim is to provide economic security, environmental stability and social principles that manifest through investor respect taking into account future generations on the road to effective portfolio diversification. Tim Participacoes SA’s goal is to provide excellent stock that assures a strong grip on business and financial growth.

2. CorpBanca (BCA) – If stocks instead of emerging markets mutual funds< are what you are looking for then CorpBanca may be the right choice. Established in 1871, CorpBanca has initiated its presence into the medium to lower income consumer business demonstrating itself to be one of the emerging market stocks. With a current market cap of 2,806,111,553, and 151,272,860 of outstanding shares, you will find successful diversification with CorpBanca. CorpBanca is one of the stocks to hold across the buy-sell spectrum. Offering a yield of 7.80%, a $55 payout ratio, and a 1.44 annual dividend, investors can partake in this internationally operated banking enterprise that is committed to the demands of its clients, banking strategies that surpass anything done thus far and providing monthly and annual reports to financial investors. CorpBanca delights in you sharing a slice of their pie bank of financial possibilities. Retail and commercial banking services are offered by this bank in Chile, and past performance makes it one to watch. 3. BBVA Banco Frances S.A. (BFR) – Banking services in Argentina can be a very smart investing move, especially if this bank is included. This bank services both individuals and companies of all sizes, and it is a top pick according to many investors. BBVA Banco Frances SA is the oldest bank residing itself in Argentina. A force to be reckoned with in the banking industry, BBVA Banco Frances SA keeps consumers enchanted with their 630 branches. A market cap of 1.07B and providing a yield of 18.45 is what makes this one of the pecuniary emerging market stocks. BBVA Banco Frances SA stock trades at an impressive 52-week average of $13.85, providing and yielding investors a $1.10 dividend. BBVA Banco Frances SA operates on the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange, in both capital and securities trading making it one of the best kept overseas stock secrets for investing. Having $914.7 million in revenue, the bank is a ancillary of Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria S.A.

4. Grupo Financiero Galicia S.A. (GGAL) – One of the top emerging market stocks in the financial sector is Grupo Financiero Galicia S.A. This is a holding company for one of the most successful banks in Buenos Aires. Experience the difference with Grupo Financiero Galicia SA. A financial services holding company reigning in Argentina, Grupo Financiero Galicia SA is one of the emerging market stocks that you should invest in. Trading on the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange and the Cordoba Stock Exchange, Grupo Financiero Galicia SA possesses about 95% of the shares of Banco Galicia, which is its monetary foundation. Glance through their extensive array of class A and B shares, which offer high rewards for investing. Receiving AA- ratings from Evaluadora Latinoamericana S.A., and a 1 rating from S&P International, trading on the NASDAQ at $8.65 a share, and distributing a $.05 dividend and yield of 0.57, Grupo Financiero Galicia SA, is your financial ticket to a prosperous future.

5. Tata Communications Limited (TCL) – A worldwide enterprise in the field of communications, Tata Communications Limited is one of the most notable emerging market stocks to have. Operating on a system aimed at delivering solutions to transnational enterprises, and Indian service providers and consumers, Tata Communications Limited stock adds portfolio growth and assures success across the investment gamut. An investors’ portfolio will never be the same with Tata Communications Limited present. The organization has unparalleled voice and strategic depth in countries such as South Africa, Sri Lanka and Nepal. Tata Communications Limited currently trades on the New York Stock Exchange at a satisfying $7.56 a share. Inquire with your financial advisor today and realize a whole new world of investing with Tata Communications Limited, the global chief in the world of communicating. Telecommunication services and decent returns is what Tata offers to investors. This can not be said for some oil penny stocks.

6. Spreadtrum Communications, Inc (SPRD) – This stock is one of the top picks because of the past performance and the current possibilities. Speadtrum Communications is a wireless communications giant whose power lies in their technical modernism and unrivaled marketing distribution. Founded in Shanghai China in 2001, the company distributes, markets and produces some of the most resounding baseband and RF processing solutions on an open platform as well as astounding multimedia protocol software and applications for its wireless consumers, making it one of the leading emerging market stocks. With a volume of 1,068, 372, trading at $19.75 a share and a market capital of $902.15 million, Speadtrum Communications Inc. will indeed stimulate an investors’ portfolio with its reliability, growth and a striking 20% yield. A Speadtrum Communications stockholder will discover a thriving financial future with this rising stock star in their midst. As a semiconductor company in the wireless communication and portable television industry many experts predict this stock will do great things.

7. VanceInfo Technologies Inc. (VIT) – Information technology services is what VanceInfo Technologies specializes in, and many traders and financial experts have very high hopes for this stock in the near future. It is considered one of the best emerging market stocks available for most investors. VanceInfo Technologies Inc. invites you to experience why they are ranked the #1 China-based Offshore Software Development Vendor. Advance your portfolio with an unrivaled methodology that combines speed with quality, long term customer trust, diversity, boundarylessness and an urgent and unwavering focus on the investor. This emerging market stocks prize trades at $8.62, with a 52-week range developing towards $41.06 a share. VanceInfo Technologies Inc.’s return on equity is 21.49 with a $384.08 million market cap, globalizing your stock portfolio to untold application dimensions and varied proportions. Experience the world renowned winning approach of VanceInfo Technologies Inc. stock that seeks to shine the spotlight on investors’ core financial competencies and improve operating efficiency within the IT and software development market.

8. 51Job Inc. (JOBS) – While some investors prefer emerging markets ETF options, one stock that should be considered and evaluated in the emerging markets sector is 51Job Inc. Integrated human resource services to China is what this company offers, and an expanding market and past performance make it a must consider. Here at 51Job Inc., their database is filled with a hurricane of jobs and a host of services in the areas of human resources services such as training and assessment consulting, secretarial skills, analysis and planning for your financial future as well as outsourcing. They service thousands of corporations throughout mainland China. Considering investing, they offer stock at a publicly traded price of $46.84 on the Nasdaq. Shareholders of 51Job Inc will not find a more trusted provider of resources within the job seeking network. Their earnings growth last year was up 215.16% making us one of the most effective and efficient emerging market stocks to watch in the 21st century.

9. Baidu, Inc. (BIDU) – Baidu is one of the emerging market stocks to watch for a number of reasons. This company provides Internet search services and online marketing services in the Japanese and Chinese languages. Find your financial poetic with Baidu Inc. Baidu is committed to helping investors and shareholders achieve their fiscal dreams and goals by providing superb search results for the billions of entries entered into their search database. One of the industry’s emerging market stocks, Baidu Inc. promises to power your portfolio with a vociferous focus on keeping you up to date with the best technological tastes and preferences. The music and imagery inclined first Chinese super giant traded on the Nasdaq-100, Baidu Inc. costs $123.40 a share, with a $189.01 one year target estimate, and a volume of 9,647,760 spread across the multimedia prism. Baidu Inc. is committed to making sure investors know their product’s success and viability in the trading marketplace.

10. Infosys Technologies Ltd. (INFY) – Investing in emerging markets can mean increased risks, but with this top pick the risks are not as big as they may be with other choices. Infosys provides global consulting and information technology products and services. Take a moment and bask in Infosys Technologies Limited. A global consulting and IT services leader, driven on delivering business value to shareholders. A grounds up organization, Infosys Technologies Limited is ever committed to helping your achieve a sound financial outlook. Whether it’s a business engagement or well-diversified project, Infosys Technologies Limited knows the value of business and helps you derive measurable success within your emerging market stocks portfolio. Trading on the New York Stock Exchange, the India based company is a financial prime mover with $6.041 billion worth of revenue, a 0.44 dividend, and a price of $48.23 a share. With global offices spanning more than 10 countries, Infosys Technologies Limited guarantees you will receive first-class luxury care in your investing world.