Top 10 Diversified Mutual Funds

Diversified Mutual Funds

1. T. Rowe Price Diversified Small Cap Growth Fund-Symbol PRDSX- One of the top diversified mutual funds, the T. Rowe Price Diversified Small Cap Growth Fund offers exceptional diversity and top rated small cap holdings in the fund portfolio.

2. MainStay Diversified Income A- Symbol MASAX- While Mainstay diversified is not classified as one of the tax free mutual funds, there may be some tax advantages for some investors. A high one year return and good rating are both reasons why this fund was chosen.

3. Driehaus Emerging Markets Growth Fund- Symbol DREGX- This fund from Driehaus is very diversified, but is somewhat heavy in the emerging markets sector. Although one of the top rated funds, this one may include higher risks than some investors are comfortable with.

4. Fidelity Strategic Income- Symbol FSICX- One of the reasons that Fidelity Strategic Income fund is named one of the best diversified mutual funds is a return for a three year annualized period which is close to nine percent.

5. Acadian Emerging Markets Portfolio Institutional- Symbol AEMGX- This fund may use strategies similar to market timing mutual funds in some cases, and it has been called one of the top ten where diversity is concerned.

6. Fidelity Diversified International Fund- Symbol FDIVX- Four stars from Morningstar and assets worth more than thirty five billion are just two of the reasons why this fund is included in the top list. The fund portfolio is diverse, and the past performance has been good.

7. Oppenheimer Global Strategic Income A- Symbol OPSIX- Oppenheimer offers one of the ten best diversified mutual funds. The fund goal is high current income, and the risks involved mean that it is not ideal.

8. Vanguard Total Bond Market Index Inv- Symbol VBMFX- This fund from Vanguard is named one of the best diversified bond index funds for a large number of investors. Over eighty six billion in assets and a three thousand dollar minimum investment amount are just a few of the reasons this fund should be considered.

9. Pioneer Strategic Income A- Symbol PSRAX- Pioneer is named one of the top diversified mutual funds, and is a popular choice for investors. The return for the most recent one year period was more than eleven percent, but there are some risks as well.

10. Vanguard Selected Value Inv- Symbol VASVX- Voted as one of the top true no load mutual funds, this offering from Vanguard offers a diverse portfolio and an excellent return.