Top 10 Credit Cards To Have

Top 10 Credit Cards

1. Visa Black Card- One of the top 10 credit cards, and one sought out by consumers around the world, is the Visa Black card. Without an excellent credit rating this card is not possible though, and most consumers are denied.

2. Discover Student Card- One of the best credit cards for college students is the Discover Student Card. Zero percent for 9 months, no annual fee, and cash back rewards all make this a top card to have.

3. The Platinum Card from American Express- This card has an annual fee of $450, and there is no interest rate because any charges are paid in full each month. Only the top credit ratings can gain approval for this exclusive choice.

4. Chase Sapphire℠ Preferred Card- One of the top 10 credit cards to have is the Sapphire Preferred Card offered by Chase. The perks with this card are tremendous.

5. Coutts & Co.’s World Card- This is not one of the zero percent credit cards, but it is one of the must haves where credit cards for the elite are concerned. The Queen of England uses this card, and so do other royals.

6. Diamond-Studded Dubai First Royale MasterCard- This card is so exclusive it is only available in Dubai, and is not one of the no annual fee credit cards. This credit card is available to only a select few people., and is hand crafted from titanium and includes diamond studs.

7. Visa Infinite- This is one of the top 10 credit cards available anywhere in the world, and is available by invitation only. Celebrities and the super wealthy are the only ones who are invited, and this membership is rare even among the rich and famous.

8. American Express Centurion Card- This black card is not one of the common small business credit cards, instead it is a very exclusive offering by American Express which is an invitation only product. To be invited a consumer must spend at least a quarter of a million dollars annually on a Platinum card first, and meet other criteria as well.

9. Bank of America Accolades Card- One of the top 10 credit cards to have, this card has an annual fee of $295 and offers luxury and service wherever it is used.

10. Citi Chairman American Express- With this card credit loans are not usually needed. An annual fee of $500 offers numerous privileges that include a private concierge, travel on private jets, and much more.