Top 10 Closed End Funds List

Closed End Funds

1. Eaton Vance Enhanced Equity Income Fund II, symbol EOS – Eaton offers one of the top close end funds with this fund choice. U.S. public equity markets are what the fund invests in, and holdings include company stocks across a diverse range of sectors.

2. Strategic Global Income Fund Inc., symbol SGL- This may not be one of the low initial investment mutual funds, but it is definitely one of the top ten. The fund has positive earnings and is a popular choice for many in the know.

3. Central Fund of Canada, symbol CEF- This fund holds gold and silver bullion, and is considered a sound investment choice by many.

4. AllianceBernstein Income Fund, Inc., symbol ACG- This is one of the close end funds that commonly makes the list of the top ten for many investors and experts.

5. Morgan Stanley India Investment Fund, Inc., symbol IIF- This is an emerging markets fund, not one of the market timing mutual funds, but it is included in the top ten for a number of different reasons by experienced investors and investment advisors.

6. BlackRock Enhanced Capital and Income Fund, Inc., symbol CII- BlackRock is a name well known by investors, and this fund is one that is chosen by many because of the history and potential that the fund has.

7. Nuveen Global Government Enhanc, symbol JGG- This fund is considered one of the top close end funds, and global income is the investment goal.

8. BlackRock Ecosolutions Investment, symbol BQR- This is one of the best performing mutual funds offered, and the BlackRock name offers investors the assurance of quality and a solid business reputation.

9. ING Risk Managed Natural Resources, symbol IRR- Not all close end funds are the same, and this one from ING has a rating from financial and investment experts which makes it one of the top ten.

10. Zweig Total Return, symbol ZTR- This is one of the balanced mutual funds which deals in income and preferred stocks. Fixed income and public equities in the USA are the preferred holdings for this fund.