Top 10 Chinese Penny Stocks To Buy

Chinese Penny Stocks

1. China Green Energy Industries, Inc- Symbol CGRE.OB- One of the top Chinese penny stocks for a majority of investors in this market is China Green Energy Industries, Inc.

2. China Marketing Media- Symbol CMKM- This is considered one of the hot penny stock picks if China is a desired venue. The price is only 0.15, so many shares can be purchased using a small portion of capital.

3. China Transinfo Technology Corp – Symbol CTFO- A share price of 3.39 and past performance which is superior make this one of the penny stocks from China worth investing in for some investors.

4. Obn Holding- Symbol OBNI- Obn Holding is considered one of the top Chinese penny stocks for some, although this stock will not be right for everyone. The share price is a mere 0.0550, but many investors still have confidence in this stock.

5. Xinhua Sports & Entertainment Limited – Symbol XSELY.PK- One of the best China microcap stocks according to numerous penny stock tips, Xinhua Sports & Entertainment Limited is expected to go far, and do great things for investors.

6. Nyxio Tech Corp.- Symbol NYXO.PK- This stock in the penny stock market has a price of 0.36 per share, and if the current product in development takes off like expected this price could jump substantially.

7. Horiyoshi Worldwide Inc.- Symbol HHWW.OB- This is one of the best Chinese penny stocks that can be found at extremely cheap prices. One share only costs 0.05, making this a good choice if the predictions of success pan out.

8. Kirin International- Symbol KIRI.OB- This is not one of the biotech penny stocks, but it is a stock that should be purchased by some investors. A current price of 4.25 means that, while not cheap, this stock does show significant promise.

9. China Infrastructure Investment Corp.- Symbol CIIC- This is one of the Chinese penny stocks which has a cost that is more than 1.00 per share, but even with this share cost the company is expected to see an increase in value.

10. China Direct Industries, Inc.- Symbol CDII- This stock is currently trading at 0.97, and has drawn the interest of many investors and investment experts. This is a popular choice for penny stock market investing in China.