Top 10 Cheap Stocks To Invest In

Cheap Stocks To Invest In

1. Ferrovial SA-symbol FER.MC- Madrid Exchange- According to a number of financial advisors and investors this is one of the cheap stocks to invest in, for several reasons. It is considered a discount stock because the share price is less than the asset value.

2. Richardson Electronics-symbol RELL- Recent stock market performance has made some investors wary, but Richardson Electronics has an affordable price and plenty of prospects.

3. Howard Hughes Corp. – symbol HHC- This company has a share price of less than fifty dollars, and is predicted to increase significantly in value in the future.

4. General Growth Properties- symbol GGP- This is one of the top cheap stocks to invest in, and the company manages upscale malls across the country. Just because the price is low this does not mean that this stock is a loser.

5. American Capital- symbol ACAS- American Capital is one of the new stocks to invest in which has a reasonable price and a solid financial picture. This company specializes in business development.

6. Yongye- symbol YONG- This Company leads in green agriculture, and is involved in organic nutrients for crops and supplements used in animal feed.

7. Ebix-symbol EBIX- One of the cheap stocks to invest in, and one that many investors and advisors are recommending, is Ebix.

8. Supervalu-symbol SVU- One of the top stock picks for today is Supervalu. This company is in the supermarket business, and it is predicted that this stock will continue to grow in value and price in the future.

9. Linn Energy- symbol LINE- If energy stocks are what you are looking for then this is one of the cheap stocks to invest in. This company acquires energy sources and then maximizes the cash flow, so that investors benefit.

10. American Capital Agency- symbol AGNC- American Capital Agency can fit well with almost all stock picking strategies, and this stock is cheap when compared to the value and potential of the company.