Top 10 Canadian Penny Stocks

Canadian Penny Stocks

Canadian penny stocks are considered to be a really good investment by some experienced penny stock traders due to booming economy in Canada. If you are a US investor, you need to contact your penny stock broker or online trading company to verify that they do in fact have access to purchase Canadian penny stocks.

Canadian penny stock trading is successful only if you try to stick to stable companies with increasing sales, good management and interesting product ideas. Choosing highly volatile penny stock companies is almost always a recipe for financial disaster especially if you are an inexperienced penny stock trader.

Below you can find top 10 Canadian penny stocks listing to help you get started with your investment portfolio.

1. Hinterland Metals, Inc.(HMI)
HMI is a Canadian company involved in precious metal mining in Quebec, Ontario and Yukon areas.

2. Bellhaven Copper & Gold, Inc. (BHV)
BHV is another Canadian penny stock company focusing its attention on gold and copper exploration in Columbia and Panama.

3. Rockridge Capital Corp. (RRC)
Rockbridge is based in Vancouver and is deeply involved in gold mining in the gold richest areas around the world.

4. Mineral Hills Industries, Inc. (MHI)
Mineral Hills is involved in gold mining projects using unique lithium carbonate exploration techniques. Sea Green Capital (SGS) is working on developing base metal exploration in Quebec and Ontario.

5. Resin Systems Inc. (RSG)
RSG supplies composite materials for utility and infrastructure industries.

6. Nuinsco Resources Ltd. (NWI)
Nuinsco is a growing multi-commodity mineral exploration company with projects scattered across Canada and Turkey.

7. Energy Fuels Inc. (EFR)
Energy Fuels is a company highly involved in supplying US nuclear power industry through a number of uranium mines located in Utah and Colorado.

8. High River Gold Mines Ltd. (HRG)
High River Gold Mines is a gold mining company with special interest in areas of Burkina Faso and Russia.

9. South American Gold & Copper Co. Ltd. (SAG)
SAG is a gold, copper and industrial mineral exploring company with mines located across Chile.

The hot penny stock picks listed above are for your consideration and further research. Canadian penny stock companies continuously show great promises and could become great initial investments that can grow exponentially in the future. Again, you can buy penny stocks online or through your stock broker as long as have the ability to trade Canadian penny stocks.