Top 10 Bond Index Funds

Bond Index Funds

Bond index funds are a great way to rid you of anxiety, time and cost associated with research, purchase and management of individual bonds. In addition, bond index funds are not only incredible investment tools to build your diversified portfolio but to also pick bond index funds to match your specific investment goals including, building passive monthly cash flow, short or long term investment and many more. Both domestic bond index funds and foreign bond funds are also considered to be of higher liquidity compared to individual bonds with higher investment default risks and management costs.

Bond index funds are not actively managed and comprised of similarly valued best bond funds like, for example, Lehman 10 year Bond Index.

Listed below you will find top 10 bond index funds to consider including in your portfolio.

1. Vanguard Long Term Bond Index Fund (VBLTX)
2. Vanguard Short Term Bond Index Fund (VBISX)
3. Vanguard Intermediate Term Bond Index Fund (VBIIX)
4. Vanguard Short Term Federal Fund (VSGBX)
5. Vanguard Total Bond Market Index Fund (VBMFX)
6. Fidelity Spartan Intermediate Treasury Bond Index Fund (FIBIX)
7. Vanguard Short Term Investment Grade Fund (VFSTX)
8. Vanguard GNMA Fund (VFIIX)
9. Vanguard Long Term Investment Grade Fund (VWESX)
10. Vanguard High Yield Corporate Bonds Fund (VWEHX)

The presented above list was gathered using information provided by online source which uses multiple screening tools to choose among a plethora of bond funds and come up with a set of low cost bond index funds that provide great low risk diversified investment for your portfolio.

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