Top 10 Biotechnology Stocks To Buy

Biotechnology Stocks

1. Gentium S.p.A- NASDAQ Symbol GENT- Gentium is considered one of the best biotechnology stocks on the market, and offers a ROE that is terrific. The stock has been rebounding and while not at the 52 week high again yet it is quickly gaining.

2. InterMune Inc.- NASDAQ Symbol ITMN- InterMune has been voted one of the best green energy stocks by a number of investors and advisors. With a yearly ROE of more than five hundred percent it is no shock that this stock is named one of the top ten.

3. Amgen, Inc.- NASDAQ Symbol AMGN- For many investors Amgen is considered the biotech stock to own, and one of the very best in this sector. With an international focus and excellent returns this stock is one that many financial advisors own.

4. Biogen Idec, Inc.- NASDAQ Symbol BIIB- Biotechnology stocks are very promising, and a top pick is Biogen Idec, Inc. This company has a good history, and offers products already on the market as well as those in all stages of research and development.

5. Osiris Therapeutics, Inc.- NASDAQ Symbol OSIR- Osiris is one of the nanotechnology stocks that has really shown potential. This stock shows a twelve month ROE of more than eighty five percent, making it one to own for some.

6. Icagen, Inc.- NASDAQ Symbol ICGN- This stock has been called one of the best rebounder stocks on the market, causing a number of investors and advisors to re-evaluate this choice. While decreasing in price because of global economic worries, Icagen is coming back strong.

7. Neurocrine Biosciences, Inc.- NASDAQ Symbol NBIX- One of the top biotechnology stocks, Neurocrine Biosciences, Inc. has shown outstanding performance and trading activity lately.

8. Transition Therapeutics Inc.- NASDAQ Symbol TTHI- Biomedical stocks are some of the best performers in the sector, and this is true of Transition Therapeutics. This stock recently saw a net profit margin of more than thirty five percent, and the company is a quality choice.

9. Bioanalytical Systems, Inc.- NASDAQ Symbol BASI- Bioanalytical Systems, Inc. offers one of the top rated biotechnology stocks found on the NASDAQ market. This stock now stands close to three hundred percent over the recent fifty two week low.

10. Gilead Sciences, Inc.- NASDAQ Symbol GILD- Gilead Sciences is one of the top picks for some investors. While it may not be one of the best green stocks to invest in, the ROE and profit margin make it one to buy.