Top 10 Best Jumbo CD Rates in US

Best Jumbo CD Rates

1. USAA Bank 7 Year Jumbo- One of the best jumbo CD rates is the one offered by USAA Bank for the 7 year term. An interest rate of 3,86% makes this CD one that draws attention, and the minimum amount needed is $175,000. Investors with only $95,000 will receive a lower rate that is still exceptional when compared to the national average.

2. Nationwide Bank 5 Year- This bank has one of the top 10 jumbo certificate of deposit rates in the USA at 2.47%. A $100,000 minimum is required to get this rate, and the APY for this CD is 2.50%.

3. OneWest Bank, FSB- This California bank has a 2.57% rate on their five year jumbo CD, and an APY of 2.60%. A minimum of $100,000 is needed, and the bank has a five star rating from financial experts for this product.

4. Bank of Internet USA- One of the ten best jumbo CD rates in the country is offered by this bank in San Diego, California. 2.46% is the rate offered on a five year jumbo CD through this financial institutions.

5. Aurora Bank, FSB- This bank features five year jumbo certificates of deposit with a highly competitive rate of 2.44%, and is based in Wilmington, Delaware.

6. Ally Bank- Based in Midvale, Utah Ally Bank has a 2.37% rate for a five year jumbo CD. It also features a four star rating and many benefits for customers.

7. First Internet Bank Of Indiana- This online bank has one of the best jumbo CD rates found anywhere in the United States. A jumbo five year certificate offers 2.37% as a fixed rate.

8. American Bank- One of the best certificate of deposit rates is offered by this institution in Allentown, Pennsylvania. A rate of 2.32% is above the national average, and draws in clients from all around the country.

9. State Farm Bank- Anyone looking for the best jumbo CD rates will be pleasantly surprised at the rate State Farm Bank features. A large 2.42% rate on a jumbo CD with a five year term is one of the biggest reasons why this bank is one of the top ten.

10. Metropolitan National Bank- The CD rate offered for jumbo versions with a term of five years at this bank is 2.35%. Metropolitan National is situated in New York City, New York, and offers one of the top savings accounts deposit rates anywhere in the country.