Top 10 Best Home Mortgage Lenders

Best home Mortgage Lenders

1. American Equity Mortgage – American Equity mortgage is considered one of the ten best home mortgage lenders for numerous reasons. American Equity Mortgage is committed to making their customers feel at home when they walk through our doors. Their goal is to make certain that you receive the quality care and service you want in a home lender. This is what has made this company one of the best home mortgage lenders in the country. Established in 1992 by Deanna Daughhetee, American Equity Mortgage has developed a solid reputation on helping customers get the backing they need for the home they want. They offer several different loan options including adjustable rate, debt consolidation, FHA loans, fixed-rate mortgages, interest-only loans, home purchase loans, and mortgage refinancing to meet the needs you have. Having an American Equity Mortgage loan will guarantee you a path to financial security.

2. Quicken Loans – The largest online mortgage provider in the USA, Quicken Loans offers first and second home mortgages, as well as other loan options. The ultimate in client satisfaction, Quicken Loans, for over a century has been alluring customers with their honest, rapid and A+ lending approach. Quicken Loans is one of the nation’s best home mortgage lenders to have. Rated by J.D. Power & Associates as the “highest in customer satisfaction for primary mortgage origination,” Quicken Loans has secured a lasting reputation in the lending business. Offering an assortment of options to you the consumer, Quicken Loans, promises to find a loan that is financially secure for you and superb to your home buying needs and wants. These mortgage options include YOURgage, which are fixed rate loans from 8 to 30 years, allowing you to choose the terms that meet your home dreams and goals; FHA loans; VA loans, created to honor our veterans; 15 and 30 year fixed; jumbo loans; adjustable rate loans; FHA streamlines; HomePath loans, designed specifically for Fannie Mae homes and reverse mortgages to help out senior citizens. The rates offered are highly competitive, and the terms may be some of the best offered in this industry. Call today to experience the Quicken Loan difference.

3. Wells Fargo – Wells Fargo offers financial services around the entire country, and this lender has built a reputation for quality and terrific rates when it comes to home loans. This company has been accepting online loan applications for more than fifteen years, making them a leader in online lenders. At Wells Fargo, they believe in giving you the consumer the buying power. With their mortgage loans, they create a vehicle for you to achieve the dream of home owning. Wells Fargo website provides the ultimate amount of information about their loan rates and pre-qualification guidelines. WF forthright approach has made them one of the best home mortgage lenders ever. They believe in you speaking with a mortgage consultant at one of their many branches so they can better assist with your home wants and needs. Wells Fargo offers competitive rates when matched against other lenders while continuing to deliver first class customer care, researching the new guidelines surrounding mortgages and putting you as a customer first. Visit their website and find out why they are number one of the best!

4. Fifth Third Mortgage – 5/3 Mortgage is a trusted leader in home lending. From the day we started we have been guiding and lending to customers with our remarkable approach and hassle free service. This has made us the best home mortgage lenders company to come around in quite some time. We offer several different programs for you the home buyer including adjustable rate, VA loans, jumbo loans, FHA loans and fixed rate loans at spirited rates. Our seasoned loan specialists can help find you the best rate and loan program that will make certain you get the home you seek. Our website offers many different resources at your fingertips about what Fifth Third mortgage is, how we have no fees associated with our loans and what to do to get started on your loan application. Turn the key in your new home today with Fifth Third.

5. HSBC Mortgage – Welcome to HSBC Mortgage – the community mortgage lender. Their relationship with the consumer approach has skyrocketed this bank to be one of the nation’s best home mortgage lenders. HSBC has more than three hundred million dollars in assets, a history of exceptional service, and has been named one of the top lenders for both regular and jumbo mortgage rates. With three spanning mortgage options such as fixed rate, adjustable and specialized, they guarantee that they will find the fitting option, to make your home owning dreams a reality. Getting pre-approved by HSBC Mortgage is an easy process giving you a written 120-day promise with that additional control when negotiating with your seller and an approved mortgage amount in hand. You also have the reassurance of knowing exactly how much you can afford for your home and the security of knowing you will receive one of our competitive rates. Give HSBC a call and take the next step towards owning the home of your dreams with an HSBC Mortgage.

6. Sun Trust Mortgage – Experience the Sun Trust difference with a Sun Trust Mortgage. Known as one of the best home mortgage lenders, Sun Trust mortgage loans are reliable; customer oriented and has a trusted backing from satisfied home buyers such as you. Sun Trust Bank, which is the parent company of Sun Trust Mortgage, has been called one of the most financially sound lenders which services the southeast United States. The pre-qualification checklist on their website, allows you to gather the necessary documents to make sure that when you step inside a Sun Trust Mortgage office, you leave ready to move into your new home. They offer a variety of mortgage options such as fixed and adjustable rate, jumbo loans, mortgages for special needs such as the Doctor Loan Program, developed specially for doctors, interns, residents and fellows who have completed their residency within the last 10 years and the construction to permanent financing. No matter what mortgage product you are searching for, this lender offers it. Make an appointment today with a Sun Trust mortgage specialist and experience the Sun Trust difference.

7. Capital One Mortgage – One of the best home mortgage lenders in the country is Capital One Mortgage. Capital One is a global online lender, and while this bank may not have physical offices it is considered one of the ten home mortgage lenders around the world. They exist to save you time and money, but mostly money. This company operates online, by mail and over the phone to ensure you receive the care you deserve as our customers. Their mortgage solutions are simple, direct and easy. Mortgage options offer low closing costs and guaranteed Capital One competitive rates. Low closing costs and a lower than average interest rate are just a few of the reasons why this bank is one of the top ten.

8. CitiMortgage – A subsidiary of the renowned Citigroup, this mortgage lender offers the best refinance home mortgage loan rate when compared to many international and national lenders. Your home owning future begins with CitiMortgage. Their mortgage rates make this financial giant one of the leading and best home mortgage lenders in the loan business. They capitalize on the market so they can save you money. CitiMortgage homebuyer’s advantage can save you up to $22,500 by reducing your rate or closing costs. Each CitiMortgage loan comes with a stamp of approval as they have satisfied many, many customers over the years with their smooth approach. Whether it is through a fixed or adjustable rate, a FHA or VA loan or through community lending, Citi promises to find you the best rate possible to meet the needs you have. A name you can trust, great rates, and excellent products and services make CitiMortgage really stand out.

9. Bank of America Home Loans – When you are looking for a home, it is essential to have one of the best home mortgage lenders in the business. That is why you can trust a mortgage from Bank of America home loans. Bank of America is a name that is known and trusted, and this is true of their mortgage products and services as well. They are named one of the best home mortgage lenders by many experts in the mortgage industry. Home mortgage loans have never been easier and your confidence will be boosted with our direct and simple approach to guiding you towards a rate that works for you. BofA’s pre-qualification application is simple and provides you with the necessary information you will need in obtaining that dream home. They offer fixed rate loans, adjustable rate loans, government backed loans and specialized loans to meet your mortgage needs. They rates are highly competitive among other home loan companies, but come with the seal of commitment on the bank’s part and clear sense of clarity to you as a consumer. When you deal with Bank of America, you are dealing with a friend, who will walk the home owning path with you. Visit a Bank of America branch today to speak with a loan specialist.

10. Chase Home Finance – Chase Home Finance is lending made easy. Each of their home mortgages is designed to meet your unique lending needs, making them the best home mortgage lenders. Whether it’s a jumbo mortgage, with loan amounts available up to $2 million or our DreaMaker mortgage, which allows for credit flexibility and closing cost assistance, Chase Home Finance is here to help you make that goal of owning a home – a reality. Chase Home Finance also has mortgage that promise to pay you back. If you are a Chase checking account holder, we invite you take advantage of our 1% cash back guarantee. Speak with a loan officer today to learn about their assortment of options available to you at Chase Home Finance. Chase Home Finance also offers a great range of debt consolidation home mortgage loan.