Top 10 Balanced Mutual Funds List

Balanced Mutual Funds

1. Transamerica Balanced A- Ticker IBALX- Transamerica offers one of the top ten balanced mutual funds, with the fund goal of capital appreciation. Common stocks and equity securities make up a large part of the fund portfolio.

2. JHancock2 Lifestyle Balanced 5- Ticker JHLAX- This is not one of the tax free mutual funds but it has a number of benefits just the same which make it a top fund to consider. The latest one year return figures show the fund offered more than sixteen percent to investors.

3. Ivy International Balanced A- Ticker IVBAX- This international fund is heavy in the Asian Pacific and European regions, and offers a decent return. A very small initial investment of just five hundred dollars is needed for this fund.

  4. State Farm Balanced Fund- Ticker STFBX- Balanced mutual funds that are considered for your portfolio should include this fund from State Farm, a name known and trusted around the country. Long term principal growth and current income are the goals of the fund.

5. Weitz Balanced Fund- Ticker WBALX- Weitz offers one of the best performing mutual funds, with steady returns and a diversity in issuer size. The fund manager has been in charge for around eight years, and this is a top pick for funds which are balanced.

6. Lord Abbett Balanced Strategy A- Ticker LABFX- This fund invests in mutual funds, and the holdings are widely ranged and offer almost instant diversification for your portfolio. A return of more than sixteen percent over the last year has experts paying attention.

7. T. Rowe Price Personal Strategy Balanced- Ticker TRPBX- T. Rowe Price has one of the top ten balanced mutual funds for many investors. A goal of the highest total return possible, while also seeking current income as well as capital appreciation, make this fund ideal for most.

8. Delaware Foundation Moderate Allocation A- Ticker DFBAX- This choice is one of the top funds to choose from for balance. While not considered one of the true emerging markets mutual funds, it does have holdings of around fifteen percent in these markets for a better return for investors.

9. Thrivent Partner Worldwide Allocation A- Ticker TWAAX- The balanced mutual funds on the market can vary widely, and Thrivent features one of the top ten. Long term capital growth is the goal, and a terrific return for a one year period of almost sixteen percent make this fund very attractive.

10. Virtus Balanced A- Ticker PHBLX- Investors looking for financial mutual funds should consider this option to add to their portfolio. The fund offers a reasonable current income and had a recent one year return of more than sixteen percent.