Top 10 Aggressive Growth Mutual Funds

Aggressive Growth Mutual Funds

Aggressive growth mutual funds by definition are usually the best rated mutual funds that make their priority to focus on high risk-high return investments to gain the most profits in the shortest period of time. Aggressive growth mutual funds are historically known to bring unsurpassed gains during economic growth periods and big losses during economic downturns.

Please keep on reading to find out which Top 10 aggressive growth mutual funds are worth considering including in your portfolio.

1. Pin Oak Aggressive Stock (POGSX) mostly includes domestic high promising stocks in its stock portfolio and displayed impressive growth of 18.21% over the last year. POGXS belongs to a no load mutual funds group, so you will not have to pay brokerage charges in order to buy it.

2. Wells Fargo Advantage Discovery (STDIX) focuses its attention on high capital gains in small to medium cap domestic and foreign companies. STDIX has minimum initial purchase requirement of $2,500.

3. Fidelity Growth Strategies (FDEGX) is mostly focused on investing in mid-cap companies that show a lot of growth prospective.

4. Needham Aggressive Growth (NEAGX) is a non-diversified long term investment aggressive mutual fund that specializes in companies of all levels with the main objective of long term capital growth.

5. Westcore MIDCO Growth (WTMGX) is an aggressive growth mutual fund that concentrates on investing in a mid-cap companies category stocks and relatively low expense ratio of 1.08.% with a minimum investment limit of $2,500.

6. PRIMECAP Odyssey Aggressive Growth Fund (POAGX) focuses mostly on small and mid cap companies that have displayed strong growth patterns. This fund does not pay dividends and you must make initial purchase of at least $2,000 with consecutive purchase limits of $150.

7. New Century Opportunistic (NCAPX) specializes in investing into financial funds with its main objective of high risk but at the same time diversified securities.

8. Wasatch Ultra Growth (WAMCX) prefers investing in high-paced growth small and mid-cap companies. On average, the fund holds 30% of its portfolio in foreign companies.

9. Waddell & Ridd New Concepts A (UNECX) concentrates its investment efforts in buying US and foreign stocks of mid-cap companies. UNECX aggressive growth fund holds 3.83% or its total investment portfolio in Whole Foods Market, Inc.

10. Fidelity Advisor Growth Strategies A (FGVAX) mostly invests in mid-cap companies that show highly promising revenue growth potential.

If you are looking to invest into a large, mid or small-cap growth stock mutual fund, refer to other articles on the website that list Top 10 mutual funds from each category.