Top 10 Advantages of Best Credit Cards

Best Credit Cards

1. Low Interest Rate – The best credit cards will offer the advantage of a low interest rate. This should be a permanent rate and not just an introductory offer to ensure that you will not get an unexpected rate hike after a few months.

2. No Annual Fee – If you have good credit and not use your credit card often then paying an annual fee may seem unnecessary. The best choices of cards will offer no annual fee to valued customers and this feature will be permanent. Some cards offer no fee for the initial year but then add an annual fee on but the best cards will not do this.

3. Low Interest Balance Transfers – Some of the best choices when it comes to credit cards will allow you to transfer any card balances with a low interest rate charged. If you have a balance on a card with a 22% APR and you can transfer this to a new card with a 9% APR then you can save a considerable amount of interest over time.

4. Cash Rewards – Some of the best credit cards will offer cash back rewards. While it is true that if you do not use your card frequently you will not earn as much back the charges you place on the card would have been placed with or without the cash back feature. Why not get something back for an action you will take anyway?

5. Purchase Protection – Some of the top credit cards popular with consumers offer purchase protection for anything that you pay for with the credit card. If your purchase is lost, stolen, or breaks within the specified time the card issuer will refund the purchase price on the card at no charge.

6. Warranty Extensions – A number of the top choices in credit cards offer customers warranty extensions, and this advantage can be very beneficial. If you purchase an item with the card the credit card company will extend the length of the warranty offered by the manufacturer for a specific time.

7. Access To Your Credit Report – One of the advantages of the best credit cards is free access to your credit report. Managing your credit is important and having access to your credit report can help you prevent fraud and identity theft and protect your good name.

8. Travel Insurance – Many credit cards including the best ones offer travel insurance when you pay for your travel with the credit card. This insurance may cover varying things, like illness, trip cancellation, death, medical emergencies, and other events.

9. Identity Theft Protection And Assistance – Top credit cards will monitor the credit usage, and flag any suspicious activities or purchases. If you only use your card in an emergency and then suddenly your card is used to splurge and go crazy this is an indicator that your card or identity was stolen. Many cards offer immunity from fraudulent charges if this occurs, and some will contact you as well.

10. Lost And Stolen Card Protection – The best credit cards will give you protection if your credit card is lost or stolen as long as you report this fact as soon as possible.