Tennessee Land For Sale: Top 10 Places Online

Tennessee Land for Sale

1. Tenneseelandandlakes.com – This site offers lake front Tennessee land for sale, and is one of the top places online to find this type of property in varying sizes and prices. You will only find lake front property normally though, so it may not be right for all land buyers.

2. LandinTennessee.com – This site only offers land in Tennessee, so you will not find California or Oklahoma land for sale here. This site offers many parcels with natural and secluded settings ideal for home building.

3. LandsofTennessee.com – This website specializes only in Tennessee land for sale. There are properties with and without homes, and some are in very secluded areas of the state.

4. Landwatch.com – Land Watch is one of the top websites for buying property, and the land is not just in Tennessee either. You will find Montana land for sale, acres in Texas, and many other states that offer land as well on this site.

5. Tennesseelandsale.com – This online seller offers owner financing on Tennessee land for sale. With land across the state, in a variety of acre sizes, this is one of the top companies used to buy land in this state online.

6. TennesseeMountainProperties.com – If you are looking for rural property for sale one of the top online places to go is Tennessee Mountain Properties. This site offers wooded and mountain land that offers gorgeous scenery and a peaceful setting.

7. LandFlip.com – Land Flip offers properties in many states, and usually has land available in many sizes and price ranges. This is one of the top sites to find land, whether you are looking in Tennessee or another state.

8. Tennesseelandforsale.org – If you want to search for Tennessee land for sale this website is one of the most popularly used. Whether you want water front property or prefer a mountaintop you can find what you are looking for here.

9. LandandFarm.com – This online property site offers Tennessee farms for sale, as well as rural land and other types. You can find residential and agricultural land available.

10. Classiccountryland.com – Classic Country Land offers Tennessee land for sale in different types, and you will find land ranging from less than one acre up to hundreds or even thousands of acres at times.