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Top 10 Successful Real Estate Investing Secrets

Real Estate Investing

Successful real estate investing is not a dream but a reality for people who know top 10 secrets on how to become a landlord and live by them every day. Real estate success does not only happen to very smart

Top 10 Foreclosures In Maryland Free Listings

Foreclosures In Maryland

1. RealtyBargain.com- This site offers free listings for foreclosures in Maryland, and the other 49 states as well. There are thousands of foreclosed homes in the state that are listed on this site. 2. WatchForeclosure.com- This site should be one

San Diego Foreclosures For Sale – How To Avoid To Get Scammed?

San Diego Foreclosures

San Diego foreclosures can be a great opportunity, but these properties have also been the center of a number of scams recently as well. Buying a house after foreclosure can be tricky, and it is important that all of the

Buying A House With No Money Down – What Are My Options?

Buying A House With No Money Down

Buying a house with no money down is possible for many people, and there are a number of options that can help you manage this. Real estate investing has become very popular, and many individuals purchase homes each year. With

Top 10 Steps To Buying A House Without A Realtor

Steps To Buying A House

1. Purchase With a Land Contract- One of the top steps to buying a house without using a realtor is to use a land contract. This is a private contract between the buyer and seller, and it outlines all of

Buying A House After Foreclosure – 5 Secrets To Get Good Mortgage Rates!

Buying A House After Foreclosure

1. A Bigger Down Payment- Buying a house after foreclosure usually means outrageous mortgage interest rates, but one of the biggest secrets to getting a good rate is to put down a larger down payment amount. There are free foreclosure

Buying A House On Contract – 7 Mistakes To Avoid!

Buying A House On Contract

1. Not allowing sufficient time to secure funding- Buying a house on contract is common today, in part because it is difficult to secure a loan. One of the biggest mistakes made in the steps to buying a house using

Buying A House Checklist – Top 10 Things Not To Forget!

Buying A House Checklist

1. A Professional Home Inspection- Any buying a house checklist should include a professional home inspection. You want to make sure that there are no hidden defects or required repairs on the home before you make the purchase, and a