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401K Withdrawal Rules – Why Is It Better To Leave Plan Alone?

401K Withdrawal Rules

Employers generally administer and provide 401K plans for their employees. Workers normally contribute their own money into the 401Ks to provide for retirement and matching funds are contributed by employers at a predetermined amount of the employee’s income.401K rules can

Should I Consider Opening 401K For Small Business?

Small Business 401k

Small business 401K plans can be powerful tools in recruiting and retaining potentially good employees. 401K plans provide financial security for retirement and are listed as one of the top benefits employees seek. You need to consider providing 401K retirement

Average Retirement Savings By Age

Average Retirement Savings By Age

The average retirement savings by age has declined in the last decade or so and there have been many reasons given for the decline. In the last decade consumer purchases and domestic spending have been down and that tells us

Average American Retirement Savings – How Am I Compared To Others?

Average American Retirement Savings

When it comes to the average American retirement savings how do you compare with others? Comparing your retirement savings with the average amount saved for your age group can help show you exactly where you rank in this area. If

Average Retirement Savings – Baby Boomers vs Next Generations

Average Retirement Savings

The average retirement savings for baby boomers and the following generations show some surprising statistics. Baby boomers are over 45 but have not yet reached 65 years old and retirement age. This is the generation that will start retiring within