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Top 10 Things To Know About Self Employed Retirement

Self Employed Retirement

Being our own boss, setting your own schedule and calling all the shots are benefits of owning your own business and being self-employed. There are many challenges, however, associated with self-employment. The small list indicates that you are in charge

401K and Divorce – What Are The Rules?

401K and Divorce

The state where divorcing couples reside will determine the property allocation laws and joint marital property. Many states’ legislation allows ex-spouses to keep property they used to own before their marriage, but after marriage any jointly owned accounts are divided

Vanguard Retirement Savings Trust – Safe Investment or Not?

Vanguard Retirement Savings Trust

Is the Vanguard retirement savings trust a safe investment or a bad idea for most investors? Most financial experts have given the trust a good review and rating but this choice is not right for everyone. This investment choice may

Average American Retirement Savings – How Am I Compared To Others?

Average American Retirement Savings

When it comes to the average American retirement savings how do you compare with others? Comparing your retirement savings with the average amount saved for your age group can help show you exactly where you rank in this area. If

Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan and Taxes Review

Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan

What is a supplemental executive retirement plan, and what are the tax consequences for this type of plan? This is one of the available account types that can be used for retirement planning purposes, and there are both benefits and

Top 10 No Fee IRA Accounts

No Fee IRA

1. OptionsXpress – OptionsXpress offers a no fee IRA, and you can choose from a traditional, Roth, or Rollover account type. There is no fee to set up an IRA account, and also no annual fee either. 2. Scottrade- Scottrade

Spousal IRA Rules And Contribution Limits

Spousal Ira

What is a spousal IRA, and what are the rules and contribution limits for this type of account? Normally a contribution to an IRA must come from taxable income that the account holder has, and if you have no taxable

Retirement Cash Flow Planning Tips

Retirement Cash Flow

Retirement cash flow is one of the three critical components of any retirement plan, and there are some tips which can help with this. A retirement savings calculator can help you determine the amount that you will need each year

Retirement Savings Calculator – How to Save a Million?

Retirement Savings Calculator

Planning for retirement is made easier than before by utilizing a simple retirement savings calculator that does not involve any complicated spreadsheets of confusing financial data. All you need to do is answer a series of simple questions and have