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Does Inclusion of Commodity Funds in My Portfolio Hedge The Risk?

Commodity Funds

Commodity funds are direct proof of holdings that may be backed up by physical products. In other words, if you are holding gold mutual funds backed up by stored gold bullion, you have a commodity fund. Holding commodity papers are

Best Fidelity No Load Mutual Funds

Fidelity No Load Mutual Funds

Fidelity no load mutual funds are some of the most trusted funds by investors, and Fidelity is a name that is well known in financial circles. This fund family offers some of the best possible funds available with a wide

No Load Index Funds List

No Load Index Funds

There are many different no load index funds for investors to choose from, and each one will follow a specific index. The most common index followed is the S&P 500 but there are many other indexes as well. One of

Vanguard Mutual Funds Performance By Asset Class

Vanguard Mutual Funds Performance

Vanguard mutual funds performance by asset class can vary widely. This information is very beneficial to investors so that various asset classes can be compared. Money market funds are broken down into two categories: taxable and tax exempt. The Vanguard

Mutual Funds For Dummies: 10 Tricks To Learn

Mutual Funds For Dummies

1. Keep Costs Low With Discount Brokers- Mutual funds for dummies can help you understand the basics of mutual fund investing in a short time. One of the tricks to successful investing, whether it is mutual funds, stocks, or other

Top 10 Hot Picks By Seasoned Mutual Fund Investors

Mutual Fund Investors

1. Fidelity Contrafund, Symbol FCNTX- Many experienced mutual fund investors choose this Fidelity offering. The large growth goal of the fund and four star Morningstar rating both make this an attractive option. 2. Vanguard Total International Stock Index, Symbol VTIAX-

Top 10 Gold Mutual Funds To Buy

Gold Mutual Funds

1. GAMCO Gold A, Symbol GLDAX – This fund is rated as one of the top gold mutual funds to buy for most investors. The fund has more than 600 million in assets, and offers a yield and year to

Van Kampen Mutual Funds Review – Top 10 Picks!

Van Kampen Mutual Funds

1. Invesco Balanced-Risk Retire Now C5, Symbol VIRCX- One of the top Van Kampen mutual funds, this choice features a yield of 2.69% and a year to date return of 5 %. Morningstar has given this fund five stars, and

Top 10 Oil ETFs

Oil ETFs

1. iShares Dow Jones US Oil & Gas Ex Index ETF, Symbol IEO- This is one of the top ten oil ETFs according to many financial and investment experts. The large blend goal of this ETF fits well with most

Rydex Mutual Funds No Load – Which Ones To Buy?

Rydex Mutual Funds

When it comes to no load Rydex mutual funds which ones are the best choices for investors? The answer will depend on the individual investor, because some funds may fit well with the strategies and the acceptable risks for an