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Top 10 Bond Investing Strategies

Bond Investing

1. Diversification Strategy One of the essential strategies of smart bond investing is diversification to spread the risk and allow you to protect your principal investment. A properly diversified bonds portfolio

Short Term Government Bonds – Are They Protected from Inflation?

Short Term Government Bonds

Are short term government bonds protected from inflation? The answer is not a simple yes or no, and the specific bond being considered will determine just how much inflation protection is offered.

Ohio Municipal Bonds – Still An Attractive Investment?

Ohio Municipal Bonds

Ohio municipal bonds have typically been considered an attractive investment, but this may no longer be the case for some of these bonds. Investing in municipal bonds has usually been considered a safer choice than stocks and certain other investment

Insured Municipal Bonds – Are They Safe To Invest In?

Insured Municipal Bonds

Insured municipal bonds are very popular with some investors, but are these bonds a safe investment? When you buy municipal bonds there is always the risk that some event beyond the control of the bond issuer will cause a default,

Investing in Municipal Bonds – How To Hedge The Risk?

Investing in Municipal Bonds

Investing in municipal bonds is a must for many investors, for a number of reasons. How can you hedge the risks involved with these bonds though? There are a number of steps that you can take before investing to minimize

Best Municipal Bonds – What States to Invest In?

Best Municipal Bonds

Investing in municipal bonds, especially the ones that offer tax exempt interest payments, could be a great long term investment and help fund development of a certain state or city. Deciding in which municipal bonds to invest is not an

Florida Municipal Bonds Review

Florida Municipal Bonds

Florida municipal bonds are issued by various government agencies of Florida state to borrow money from individual investors to pay for various development projects across the state like building new schools, parks, roads, sewer and water infrastructures. Generally, there are

Zero Coupon Municipal Bonds Review

Zero Coupon Municipal Bonds

Normally, investing in municipal bonds returns interest payments on a semiannual basis. Zero coupon municipal bonds work in a totally different way by returning principal payment along with earned interest at the end of their maturity cycle, say, in 20

Municipal Bond Interest Rates – What to Look For?

Municipal Bond Interest Rates

Investing in municipal bonds generally carries much lower risks compared to putting your money into the stock market. Unfortunately, municipal bond interest rates are significantly lower than interest paid on stocks or mutual funds. Each individual investor makes a decision