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Top 10 Bond Investing Strategies

Bond Investing

1. Diversification Strategy One of the essential strategies of smart bond investing is diversification to spread the risk and allow you to protect your principal investment. A properly diversified bonds portfolio

Long Term Government Bonds Risks and Benefits

Long Term Government Bonds

Long term government bonds can carry some investment risks, and these risks should be carefully considered and fully evaluated before any action is made for this type of bond. These bonds have a maturity date of a minimum of ten

What Countries Are Good For Government Bonds Investment?

Government Bonds Investment

Which countries around the world offer good prospects for investments in government bonds? The choices available to investors are numerous and some countries may be a better investment choice than others. Some governments around the world are experiencing a debt

Japanese Government Bonds Review

Japanese Government Bonds

Japanese Government bonds, similarly to government bonds of any country, are in fact debt securities or promises to return your money at the end of the bond term along with interest, unless it’s a zero coupon bond. In order to

Zero Coupon Treasury Bonds Performance Review

Zero Coupon Treasury Bonds

Zero coupon treasury bonds are considered an excellent investment by many investors but how have these bonds performed and why are they so popular? Zero coupon bonds have a discounted purchase price and these securities do not pay interest payments

Canadian Government Bonds Review

Canadian Government Bonds

Canadian government bonds come in a wide range and number of different types. To be eligible to purchase bonds offered by the Canadian government you must be a citizen of Canada, unlike United States savings bonds which do not have

Zero Coupon Bonds Rates Review

Zero Coupon Bonds

Zero coupon bonds do not have interest payments, also referred to as the coupon, like most bond types do. These may also be referred to as accrual bonds, and they function differently than many other bonds do. Most bonds have

Government Bonds Interest Rate – How Is It Determined?

Government Bonds Interest Rate

How is the government bonds interest rate determined? This depends on the bond rate type used. The interest rates used for US government bond securities come in two varieties, fixed rate interest or inflation rate interest. Twice a year, in

Benefits of Investing in Government Bonds

Investing in Government Bonds

Investing in government bonds can be an excellent choice if you want a safer and more stable option than the volatile stock market. While the return may be less with United States savings bonds than if you choose a stock