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TIPS Bonds Outlook in a Weak US Economy

TIPS Bonds

TIPS bonds are Treasury Inflation Protected Securities, and these bonds offer inflation protection. A weak US economy means a weak dollar, and for most economists this means the probability of inflation. Both the TIPS

I Bonds Interest Rates – How Are They Calculated?

I Bonds Interest Rates

Understanding I bonds interest rates is not always easy, but these bonds do offer interest rates which are indexed to the inflation rate and that can make them a good choice for a number of investors.

Treasury Bonds Rates Today And Historical Value

Treasury Bonds Rates

Treasury bonds rates today are at the lower end of the spectrum when compared to the historical value of these notes. The rate for a 30 year treasury bond as of 10/07/2011 is 3.02 %, and this rate decreases with

iShares Barclays TIPS Bond Fund Review

Barclays TIPS Bond Fund

Barclays TIPS bond fund is offered by the iShares fund family, and this fund invests mainly in inflation protection bonds offered by the US Government. The fund has assets worth almost twenty two billion dollars, and has a yield of

Government Bonds Interest Rate – How Is It Determined?

Government Bonds Interest Rate

How is the government bonds interest rate determined? This depends on the bond rate type used. The interest rates used for US government bond securities come in two varieties, fixed rate interest or inflation rate interest. Twice a year, in