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Investment Grade Corporate Bonds – Top 10 Winners List!

Investment Grade Corporate Bonds

1. HCP Inc., symbol HCP- One of the top investment grade corporate bonds according to many financial experts the current HCP Inc. senior unsecured note matures in 2019 and offers a rate on the coupon of 3.75%. This bond is

Best Corporate Bonds To Buy

Best Corporate Bonds

Finding the best corporate bonds to buy may seem like a daunting task but it does not have to be. There are many quality bonds in this category to choose from no matter what your investing goals may be. One

Best High Yield Corporate Bond Funds

High Yield Corporate Bond Funds

What are the best high yield corporate bond funds? There are many of these funds to choose from, and each will have specific risks along with the higher yields. One of the top choices for many investors in this sector

AAA Corporate Bonds List

Corporate Bonds List

The AAA corporate bonds list is much shorter today than it was even 15-20 years ago. Now there are currently only four bonds from US companies in this category that have the highest possible rating, and the credit rating of

Corporate Bond Yields By Rating Review

Corporate Bond Yields

Corporate bond yields will depend in some part on the ratings of the bond. Investors who choose this type of bond will compare a risk to reward ratio, and bonds which have a lower credit rating will usually offer higher

David Lerner Associates Bonds – To Buy Or Not To Buy?

David Lerner Associates Bonds

Are David Lerner Associates bonds a good choice for investors or a big mistake? In close to two decades this investment company has sold a significant amount of bonds, and these cover many types. Investors can find zero coupon municipal

Corporate Bonds For Sale: Benefits and Drawbacks

Corporate Bonds

Corporate bonds can offer both drawbacks and advantages to investors, so it is important to evaluate each bond individually to determine whether it is the right choice for your investing goals and portfolio. These bonds can come in different types,

Small Business 401k Plans – What Is the Difference?

Small Business 401k Plans

It’s not a surprise that sponsoring a 401K plan is a costly matter for many companies. Some small businesses with 100 employees of less simply can not afford sponsoring a conventional 401K plan coming with hefty administrative fees. In order

Top 10 Bond Index Funds

Bond Index Funds

Bond index funds are a great way to rid you of anxiety, time and cost associated with research, purchase and management of individual bonds. In addition, bond index funds are not only incredible investment tools to build your diversified portfolio

Top 10 High Yield Corporate Bonds

High Yield Corporate Bonds

High yield corporate bonds are issued by companies who do not normally qualify for investment grade ratings assigned by three major US rating agencies like Fitch, Standard & Poor and Moody’s. Once you buy one of high yield corporate bonds,