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Borrowing Against 401k For College – Wise or Not?

Borrowing Against 401k

Borrowing against 401k account balances can be tempting, and most plans allow loans in a number of situations. The good news is that loans from your 401k are not charged a ten percent early withdrawal penalty, and you will not

401K Distribution Rules For Disability Reasons

401k Distribution Rules

The 401k distribution rules outline exactly when these distributions can be made without the ten percent tax on early withdrawals being assessed. Cashing out 401k plans can have enormous and devastating tax consequences, because ten percent of the amount that

Cashing Out 401k To Buy a House – Good or Bad?

Cashing Out 401k

Cashing out 401k plans to purchase a home can be done, but is this a smart financial move or is it a very bad idea? Before you make any decisions that could have serious financial consequences you should always seek

401k Investment Advice: Dos and Don’ts

401k Investment Advice

401k investment advice can include many dos and don’ts, and this advice can help every investor maximize the benefits and minimize the risks associated with this type of account. One of the biggest and most important tips is to make

Retirement Cash Flow Planning Tips

Retirement Cash Flow

Retirement cash flow is one of the three critical components of any retirement plan, and there are some tips which can help with this. A retirement savings calculator can help you determine the amount that you will need each year

IRA withdrawal rules: Regular Vs. Roth

IRA Withdrawal Rules

The IRA withdrawal rules may be different, depending on whether the IRA account is a traditional one or a Roth IRA variety. Any withdrawals from a traditional IRA account are taxed using the ordinary income tax, because these account contributions