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Mercer 401k Review

Mercer 401k

A Mercer 401k can be a great 401k plan for most people, and Mercer is a name that is known and trusted in the financial sector. There are a number of plans that can be tailored to fit the company

401K Distribution Rules For Disability Reasons

401k Distribution Rules

The 401k distribution rules outline exactly when these distributions can be made without the ten percent tax on early withdrawals being assessed. Cashing out 401k plans can have enormous and devastating tax consequences, because ten percent of the amount that

Cashing Out 401k To Buy a House – Good or Bad?

Cashing Out 401k

Cashing out 401k plans to purchase a home can be done, but is this a smart financial move or is it a very bad idea? Before you make any decisions that could have serious financial consequences you should always seek

Retirement Cash Flow Planning Tips

Retirement Cash Flow

Retirement cash flow is one of the three critical components of any retirement plan, and there are some tips which can help with this. A retirement savings calculator can help you determine the amount that you will need each year

Average 401k Balance By Age Review

Average 401k Balance by Age

A 401k investment is a very smart move for most people, but what is the average 401k balance by age? This is a question many people wonder, because of the 401k contribution limits and other factors involved. Answering this question

Safe Harbor 401K Definition

Safe-Harbor 401k

What is the definition of a safe harbor 401k? This is a specific type of 401k plan that is available to many employees, but there are some unique factors involved with this type that may make it a better choice.

Who Offers Solo 401K Plans?

Solo 401k Plans

Who offers solo 401k plans, and why are these plans so popular? This type of plan is used by self employed business owners when the business does not have any other employees. One of the benefits with this type of