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Different Types of Mutual Funds Explained!

Types of Mutual Funds

There are many different types of mutual funds and new investors may become confused or lost quickly if these fund types are not understood. The variety of fund types can cover a wide range. The basic fund types listed and

Top 10 Global Mutual Funds

Global Mutual Funds

1. Wells Fargo Advantage Global Opportunities A, symbol EKGAX- Global mutual funds can be a great investment, and this fund from Wells Fargo is a top global choice whose goal is capital appreciation. The five year annualized return for the

Oppenheimer Mutual Funds Performance Review

Oppenheimer Mutual Funds

Oppenheimer mutual funds are known and trusted by many investors, and the company offers numerous different types of mutual funds to meet almost every investment need or goal. This includes aggressive growth mutual funds, conservative retirement funds, and everything in

Top 10 Financial Mutual Funds

Financial Mutual Funds

1. Prudential Financial Svcs A, PFSAX- Finding the best financial mutual funds is crucial to your investment success, so you want a name you can trust. This fund by Prudential has a five star rating, showing it is one of

Top 10 Emerging Markets Mutual Funds

Emerging Markets Mutual Funds

1. Vanguard Emerging Market Stock Index (VEIEX) – This fund is one of the few emerging markets mutual funds which has more than sixty billion in assets and no load fees, making it an excellent choice for some investors. A

10 Best Performing Mutual Funds In The Last Decade

Best Performing Mutual Funds

1. Wasatch Micro Cap (WMICX) – Wasatch is included as one of the best performing mutual funds over the last ten years because this investment has seen a ten year annualized return rate of almost twenty five percent. 2. Value

Top 10 Large Cap Mutual Funds

Large Cap Mutual Funds

1. Schwab 1000 Index ( SNXFX) – This is one of the large cap mutual funds which offers low fees and a minimum investment amount of only one hundred dollars. Some of the top holdings for this mutual fund include

Top 10 Mid Cap Mutual Funds

Mid Cap Mutual Funds

Mid cap mutual funds specialize on companies with market capitalization brackets between $2 billion and $10 billion; however, that is a very broad definition that is subject to change over time and even from one brokerage firm to another. A

401k Catch Up Contribution – How to Use This Program?

401k Catch Up Contribution

If you feel like you’ve been putting off retirement savings for quite sometime and are inevitably approaching your retirement age, we have good news for you. IRS established a 401K catch up contribution program allowing individuals who have reached 50

Top 10 Aggressive Growth Mutual Funds

Aggressive Growth Mutual Funds

Aggressive growth mutual funds by definition are usually the best rated mutual funds that make their priority to focus on high risk-high return investments to gain the most profits in the shortest period of time. Aggressive growth mutual funds are