Sub Penny Stocks To Watch

Sub Penny Stocks

There are a number of sub penny stocks to watch, and these are considered some of the best where this type of stock is concerned. These stocks can be purchased for less than a penny, which may not seem like much, but if the stock increases it can mean a decent gain if a large number of shares are sold at a profit. Undervalued penny stocks are the goal, so that the price rises when the true value of the stock is determined. While it is true that most sub penny stocks are losers there are a few which are considered gems.

Because they are often traded on the pink sheets penny stocks may be difficult to research. These stocks usually only have limited information available about them, making it a challenge to determine the true value. One stock that many experts say belongs in the list of sub penny stocks to watch is Healthnostics, Inc. This company is in the medical industry, trades in the pink sheets, and is currently valued at $0.0016 per share. Penny stock trading can be risky, even for stocks that come highly recommended, but many feel that the market share and products offered by Healthnostics make it undervalued, and a good choice.

Another of the sub penny stocks to watch is China Nuvo Solar Energy, symbol CNUV. This company has a patent pending which may cause it to greatly increase in value in the future. China Nuvo Solar Energy creates products for the solar energy industry, and the company has a somewhat stable history. For some investors this may be one of the best penny stocks to buy, and for others it may not fit with the strategies or the acceptable risk levels. There are other stocks which may bear watching as well, and each investor may have different picks and choices.