Silver Mutual Funds List

Silver Mutual Funds

Silver mutual funds are a popular choice with many investors because of the record precious metals prices seen in the last few years. While gold and platinum are the most desired precious metals, silver is an excellent investment opportunity that does not require such a steep cost and can be managed by almost any investor. Just like REIT mutual funds, those that specialize in precious metals are not very diverse, but these funds are created that way and often do have some diversity in the fund portfolio for risk management. Silver mutual funds allow you to make one investment, and gain a portion of an entire portfolio of holdings in exchange.

Diversified mutual funds help to keep investment risks down, and one top pick is not diversified but is considered one of the best in the precious metals market. Vanguard Precious Metals and Mining, symbol VGPMX, has a base that is heavy with stocks and more than four billion dollars in assets. This fund has been given five stars by Morningstar, the highest rating any fund can receive. Out of all the silver mutual funds available this fund is one of the least diverse because the portfolio is made up of almost all stocks at ninety seven percent. Most precious metals mutual funds spread their holding a little more so there is more diversity among investment types.

Another one of the five star rated silver mutual funds is Permanent Portfolio, with a symbol of PRPFX. This fund offers a better portfolio diversity, with thirty two percent of the portfolio consisting of stocks, twenty one percent in bonds, twenty three percent in cash, and twenty four percent marked as other and heavy with precious metals investments. Many commodity mutual funds also have holdings in precious metals, and may be an ideal fit for some investors. There are many mutual funds that include silver, and the ones listed are just a few of the top choices in this sector.